5 Best Earphones Under 200 Rupees in India

With the growing number of smartphones and tablets, the market is flooded with a variety of earphones and headphones. Some are good, some bad. To help you make a better-informed choice, here’s a list of the best earphones under 200 rupees in India. We have tried to include all the relevant features so that you can make an informed decision.

How to choose best Earphones

Understanding and knowing what we are looking for when buying a product is really important. When comes to buying Earphones you should consider the type of Earphones and the type of sound quality you are looking for.

Sound Quality

Before we talk about Sound Quality we should know the terms Musical Pitch. Musical pitch is determined by the frequency of sound waves. High pitches = high frequency = soprano, violin, flute, etc. Medium pitches = middle frequencies = viola, cello, alto, tenor, oboe, etc. Low pitches = low (bass) frequencies = bass, bassoon, bass drum, baritone.

  • Lows– it is the part where the low frequencies in a track are. Like bass & sub.
  • Mids– is where the mid frequencies are. In EDM this part is covered mostly by the synths & vocals.
  • Highs– consists of the high frequencies. Like shakers, rides, hats, and keys, etc.

5 best earphones under 200 rupees in India

pTron pride lite

image by pTron | pTron pride lite best earphones under 200 rupees in inda that has good bass

pTron pride lite is the one you should look for you if you want the best earphones under 200 rupees in India. It comes with 10mm powerful bass drives that offer deep bass and the vocals and trebles are good for the price.

Overall if you are looking to buy a good pair of headphones under 200 you can have a look at this one.

pTron HBE6

image by PTron | pTron HBE6 best earphones under 200 rupees that has overall good siund quality

pTron launched its new PTron HBE6 successor to PTron HBE5, the best-selling earphones under 200 rupees in India.

The new PTron HBE6 offers a similar design as PTron HBE5 with an ear design, the same type of cable, and a similarly designed headphone jack.

The sound quality is also very similar to the patron HBE5 because it was equipped with the same drivers. Overall it’s again and a good choice for people looking best cheap earphones under 200 rupees in India.

pTron HBE5

image by Ptron | pTron HBE5 best earphones under 200 rupees that has overall good sound qulaity

pTron is well known for producing low-budget good earphones for a long time now. And PTron HBE5 is no exception. The pair of earphones is priced at ₹199 and they offer great value for money if you want Decent vocals and trebles.

The earphones offer an in-ear design and support mic. Talking about the sound, they use powerful 10mm drivers for better bass and sound quality. Overall, PTron HBE5 offers the best sound quality under 200 rupees in India.

Zebronics zeb corolla

image by Zebronics | Zebronics zeb corolla

Zebronics Zeb corolla is the cheapest and best earphones you can get for under 200 rupees in India. They are available at just 149 rupees and offer a very good sound quality for the price.

It offers an ear design and looks great with a black and gold-colored design. While holding in hand they feel definitely cheaper but they don’t look cheap.

Oppo wired earphones

image by Oppo | Oppo basic earphones

Oppo is a well-known brand in India that makes mobile phones. The company also offers earphones under 200 rupees in India which are good for the price.

Oppo wired earphones same experience as Samsung’s Iconic white-colored earphones. If you used them before and liked them, you will also like this one.

image showing samsung iconic earphones