10 Best Train simulator Games for android 2022 (Updated!)

Here is the list of best Train simulator Games for android. Get the list of best Hand-picked best Games for Android. The simulator games are Good to play.
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Playing Simulator games is really fun. As smartphone is getting better and better the Train simulator games for smartphones has also improved a lot. Latest Train Simulators for smartphone offers the best gaming experience. In this Guide I have listed out the 5 best Train simulator games android you can play right now.

10 best Train simulator Games for android

1. Indian train simulator

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Indian train simulator is hands down India’s best train simulator. The game is designed really great for the people in India and offers really great gaming experience while playing. If you are one of the people who love to play train simulators this game is for you. The game is about 114 M.B in size and is available totally for free.

  • 32 Available stations: Chennai – Bengaluru – Mumbai – Vadodara – New Delhi – Agra – Kolkata – Solapur – Anantpur – Pune – Borivali – Valsad – Surat – Bharuch – Anand – Ahmedabad – Godhra – Dahod – Ratlam – Kota – Sawai Madhopur – Jaipur – Mathura – Palwal – Hazrat Nizamuddin – Vijayawada – Tata Nagar – Howrah – Vishakapatnam – Cuttack – Asansol
  • 18 Available locomotives: WAP4, WAP7, WDG-3A, WAP5, WAG7, WAG9, WDP4, WDG4, WAG7 (Tiger Face), WAM4, WCAM-3
  • Over a dozen express liveries: Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Garib Rath, Gatiman, Duronto, Double-Decker, Deccan Odyssey, Mahamana, Tejas Express, Palace on Wheels plus many Goods coaches.

2. Indonesian train simulator

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Indonesian train simulator is also a very similar game to the Indian train simulator. The game developers are the same. Both the games of a very similar experience when it comes to playing. The game is about 68 MB in size and is available totally for free.

  • Track Change: A fully realized track-changing functionality has been implemented, for the first time in a mobile train simulator.
  • Signal: Indonesian Train Sim makes use of a fully functional signaling system. While waiting for the signal to turn Green, players will be able to see which other trains are currently occupying their path.
  • A Message System is in place to notify users of every activity happening within the game, offering suggestions when deemed necessary to information about penalties and bonuses. The categories are Speed, Station, Track Switch, Route, Signal.
  • Multiple weathers and time options.
  • Passengers: Special attention has been given to create passengers who look and dress like Indonesians.
  • Stations: The stations were designed to capture the feel of being in any Indonesian railway station. From the kiosks to the advertisement boards, the attention to detail is extreme.
  • Types of locomotives: GE U18C, GE U20C, GE CC206
  • Types of coaches: Passenger and Freight coaches
  • Sound design has been carefully crafted keeping the hustle and bustle of modern Indonesia in mind. The train sounds are best in class.
  • Camera angles: multiple, interesting camera angles have been provided: Driver, Cabin, Overhead, Bird’s Eye, Reverse, Signal, Orbit, and Passenger.
  • High-quality graphics: The level of graphics has been pushed to new levels and anyone familiar with Indonesian routes will tell you how realistic the design is.
  • Available stations: Gambir, Karawang, Purwakarta, Bandung.

3. Train driver 15

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Train driver 15 is another most popular game from another most popular developer. The gaming experience is also very good while playing this game. The game is about 48 MB in size and is available totally for free.

  • Realistic Locations (USA, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, etc…)
  • Different trains to drive (steam, diesel, electric, freight, inter-city, subway)
  • Open/Close Doors
  • Animated people entering/exiting the train
  • Custom weather conditions
  • Amazing places: city, countryside, mountain, desert and snow
  • Intuitive train controls
  • Detailed Interiors
  • Challenge your friends with online rankings

4. Indian local train simulator

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Indian local train simulator is another version of the Indian train simulator. Instead of driving trains, this game allows you to drive local trains. The experience will be very similar to the experience of playing an Indian train emulator. The game is about 68 MB in size and is available totally for free.

  • Career: This features Chennai and Mumbai Chapters with a total of 81 levels uniquely designed with different scenarios which give a taste of the Mumbai and Chennai EMU experience. The scenarios are Ladies Only, Dabbawala, Vendor, Vinayaka Chaturti, Fast Local, Last Local, Maintenance, Match Day, EMU Shed, Rush Hour, Early Morning and Round Trip, Jallikattu, Harbour, Railmariyal, Pongal.
  • Drive: This lets you design your own trip by selecting the EMU, Origin and Destination stations, Time of the journey, Weather conditions

5. Train station 2

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Time station 2 is really different game. This game isn’t designed for all. The game doesn’t offer realistic graphics. The game size is about 150 MB in size and is available totally for free.

  • Own the most popular trains in the history of rail transport
  • Collect famous trains, upgrade them and reach their full potential
  • Meet interesting contractors and complete rail logistics jobs
  • Coordinate and dispatch your trains according to your own strategy
  • Enhance your railway station and build bigger and better rail facilities
  • Explore new global regions as your trains travel through them
  • Play new events every month in the TrainStation 2 world
  • Team up with fellow train enthusiasts during events & work together
  • Compete in leaderboards to become the biggest railway tycoon
  • Dispatch trains to collect resources and deliver those to your contractors to complete jobs

6. Euro Train Simulator 2

Euro Train Simulator 2

Euro train simulator is another popular game from the makers of the Indian train simulator – Highbrow interactive. The experience of this is very similar to the Indian train simulator which is on top in the best train simulator games.

You can Play Career Mode to accomplish each scenario and unlock new trains and routes, using the UK railway signaling, with Green, Single Yellow, and Red lights. Euro Train Simulator currently features 10 unique types of trains, ranging from Bombardier trains to super fast inter-city expresses.

The size of the app is available 52 M.B in size and available totally for free on Google Play Store.

  • Career: Complete all of our specially crafted 8 Exciting Chapters in the career mode and unlock Achievements and Daily Rewards.
  • Engine Builder: First time ever! Assemble a special engine with our Engine Builder and you get it to drive it in Custom Mode. Use Gold to buy train parts.
  • Functional Driver Cabin: A detailed Driver Cab Control view shows fully functional levers and switches. The needles and gauges work depending on the condition of the train.
  • Weather System: Hyper-realistic dynamic weather system with incredible night detail and shadow.
  • Payloads: Exclusive payload for various freight compartments. Car transporter, Coal Wagon, Oil tankers. Etc
  • Schedule Board: Schedule for arrival and departure lets users follow a timetable like the real world.
  • Camera Angles: 22 camera angles show the game from every view imaginable.
  • Passenger Area: Passenger seating area with first class, second class, execute cabin. Also view of restaurant, bar, and restroom.
  • Train Controls: Throttle, braking, realistic wiper, cab light and headlights, horn and pantograph are available to the driver and are required to be operated for certain objectives in Career Mode.
  • Door Operation: Door control system to let the passengers into the train.
  • Drive Mode: A quick mode that lets you choose the train, route, source and destination stations, weather, and the time of the day for the simulation.

7. Classic Train Simulator

Classic Train Simulator
Classic Train Simulator

Classic train simulator is designed for people who like to play golden steam engine era. It features some of the most iconic British and American steam locomotives. This game is also from the makers of the Indian train simulator.

The game features trains from British train operators. You can select a career mode to complete tasks and earn rewards while playing. It also comes with dynamic weather, schedule arrivals, different payload, and more.

The size of the app is about 75 M.B and is available for free on Google Play Store.

8. Train Simulator: Railroad Game

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The developers of Azur Interactive have announced a new train similar game called train Simulator: Railroad Game. Unlike other Train simulators games listed above, Train Simulator: Railroad Game is a 2d Train simulator game with simple gameplay. Apart from just driving trains you also need to improve relations between the train stations and develop the economic potential.

The game is available for free to download on Google Playstore. You can download the game right now and start playing.

  • Advanced train management
  • Deliberate upgrade system
  • Many challenging tasks
  • Expansive game world
  • Real train simulator gameplay
  • Beautiful 2D graphics & sound effects
  • Dynamic weather conditions

Download: Train Simulator Rail Road Game

More best Train Simulator games for Android

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