A word from me to all PUBG players in India

You might have already heard about India banning PUBG mobile in India.p This news might make you unhappy if you are an intense PUBG player but I have a word for you that might make you happy.

First of all the press release clearly mentioned about data security that is stored outside of India. If PUBG stores data in India itself and admit to the Government of India that data is safe – India might lift the ban on PUBG.

India is biggest market for PUBG and I don’t think PUBG wants to loose it.

And Now to the PUBG players, it’s time for you to take rest for some time. I know many Youtubers out there and many of depends on PUBG for revenue. What can common people do in these political wars between countries? Its a kind of responsibility to our government to protect our data from misuse. Countries started making in House apps and started building their own Internet ecosystem – China, Russian are already part of it and they strictly monitor user data. Sadly India is not as effective as them but we are growing up.

You are worried about September 8 PUBG update don’t worry. Try alternatives like COD.

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