Android Tv latest version – Full list of Android TV versions (Updated!)

Here is the Full list of Android TV versions. Every year Google announces updates for Android TV.

Google announced its new latest version of Android TV. The new version comes with the latest improvements and with extra features. Here is the full list of Android TV versions with their change logs.  

Full list of Android TV versions

Google announced Android TV 13 (4 Dec 2022)

Media & Performance and Quality

Android 13 adds new APIs for the big screen to help developers make apps that work well on all kinds of devices.

  • Apps can use anticipatory audio routing to figure out the routed device and supported formats before making an AudioTrack.
  • On HDMI source devices that support user controls for preferred resolution and refresh rate,
  • Enhancements to power management for low-powered standby
Accessibility and Input Controls
  • The system privacy controls reflect the state of hardware mute switches.
    On the remote, user controls for assistant microphone access have been updated.
  • Global audio description preferences for all apps
  • The new Keyboard Layouts API lets you choose between different language layouts for external keyboards.
HDMI & Tuner
  • Improved handling of HDMI source device state changes
  • Language selection for HDMI source devices has been improved.
  • HAL 2.0 tuner with performance enhancements, a twin tuner, and ISDB-T multi-layer support.
  • This framework provides a framework for interactive TV use cases as an extension of TIF.

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