Apple fitness+ review: Virtual Assistant for the perfect ecosystem

Apple Fitness plus review. Lets have a look at the future of working out with virtual workouts and more. Read the full review and opinions about Apple Fitness plus

Apple has finally started rolling out its new on-demand fitness+ subscription. Apple has made this keeping in mind that anyone can Work out any time, anywhere, with the first fitness experience built around Apple Watch.

In short what is Apple fitness plus

Apple Fitness+ is a new fitness service powered by Apple Watch. You can choose from a catalog of workouts led by expert trainers. In-session metrics, like heart rate and calories burned, are synced to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, so you don’t have to take your eyes away from your workout to see how you’re doing.

Its the Future!!

The first thing apple fitness isn’t available in India as of now, but I am sure apple might bring this to India pretty soon. We don’t have the exact timeline for the rollout date in India. Stay with my blog and if any update available, I will surely post about it. If you are excited about it, let’s get into and talk about it


Your virtual trainer

To set up apple fitness you need to have an apple fitness plus subscription that costs around $9.99/per month and $79.99 /yr. You can get access to a wide variety of fitness playlists and expert videos. And that’s it. You can simply install the app on any Apple device and start watching – I mean start working out. But wait let’s make it even better with an apple watch.

If you do have an apple watch you can connect it with any apple Device running a fitness plus app and start getting statistics about how many calories your burnt, how intensive is your workout, and more details. Based on your recent activity, it guides you to the next workout. Basically, it’s a virtual fitness assistant and the Apple Ecosystem makes it even better.

The ecosystem

The best thing we should talk about is the Apple ecosystem. You can use fitness+ on any apple device including apple T.V, you can connect your watch with the fitness+ app and start viewing your statistics. You can connect apple music to play the music that recommends by the trainers. Fitness Plus uses all your previous workout data, from the Apple Watch or any other fitness app that syncs to the Health app, to help guide your next workout. You can sync data and start working out anywhere if you are out of your home.

Basically, it’s the future of getting advice from experts. Soon you are going to ditch your personal fitness trainer and start using new services like fitness+ from apple in the future. Like your Google assistant which sets and reads your day-to-day tasks, Services like Apple Fitness plus will keep track of your workout, and learn how to workout from experts. Go buy the apple fitness plus subscription and make yourself fit.

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