Are you ready for the next way of social conversations?

Are you ready for the next way of social conversations? If you are still wondering – It’s audio conversations. The new audio conversation platform called clubhouse which is a new start-up is becoming so popular thanks to audio can feel much more intimate and “live” than text-based social media.

The clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform that’s currently invite-only and available only on iOS. You can use the app to listen in on and participate in different conversations on different topics. According to AppAnnie, Clubhouse grew from over 3.5 million global downloads to 8.1 million from 1 February – 16 February 2021.

Audio conversations are now the next big thing on social platforms. With no surprise, Facebook, Twitter, the telegram have already reportedly working on a Clubhouse copy.

So are you ready for the next big thing in social networks? Form a little group and have fun. If you don’t know where to start here ka the Full Guide on How to start your audio conversations.

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