5 Best Ad Blockers For Google Chrome in 2022 (Updated!)

Ad blockers will remove ads from your view, improve your browsing experience, and substantially reduce your data usage on mobile. Here is the kist of 5 Best Ad Blockers For Google Chrome
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Not everyone likes online ads. They can be annoying with “pop-up” ads and big advertising banners. Using an ad blocker will help you to get rid of them. In this Guide, I have listed out 5 Best Ad Blockers For Google Chrome along with the full setup guide.

How do ad blockers work?

Most ad blockers start with a list. When the browser downloads data from the requested server, the ad blocker will look at the various resources downloaded to the site, compare them to a list of known advertisements, and block them accordingly.

5 Best Ad Blockers For Google Chrome

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the best plugins you can use for free on Google Chrome. It is one of the most recommended extensions to block ads on Chrome.

The adblocker plus allows you to block on-page ads, video ads, and advertising banners. It also blocks website tracking privately. You can download it for free.

  • Block annoying video ads and banners
  • Block pop-ups
  • Stop tracking and give yourself more privacy
  • Fight off destructive malvertising that can hide in ads
  • Give yourself faster browsing (as resources are blocked from loading)
  • Customize features, like whitelisting for favorite sites

Download: Chrome extension | android

2. AdGuard

AdGuard is another best Chrome extension that blocks ads. It blocks all ads including video ads, interstitial ads and floating ads, pop-ups, banners, advertisements, and text ads. And also allows blocking of ANY unwanted element on the page using the Element blocking feature.

AdGuard protects your personal data by blocking common third-party tracking systems, spyware, and adware. In addition, it warns you about malicious and phishing websites once you try visiting them.

  • Blocks all ads: video ads (includes YouTube Adblock), rich media advertising, unwanted pop-ups, banners, and text ads (includes Facebook AdBlock);
  • Speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth, thanks to the missing ads and pop-up windows;
  • Protects your privacy by blocking common third-party tracking systems;
  • Blocks many spyware, adware, and dialer installers;
  • Protects you from malware and phishing.

Download: Chrome extension

3. Fair AdBlocker

Along with common ad types, Fair AdBlocker blocks ads from popular social media infeed ads from Facebook and YouTube. It also blocks Webmail ads, Search ads, and more to better experience. The extension is available for free. You can download now and block annoying in-feed ads.

  • The most robust pop-up blocking – better than even Poper Blocker, JavaScript Popup Blocker, and Popup Blocker Pro.
  • Doesn’t hurt the free web – if you choose- allow ads or whitelist sites to sponsor the sites you visit.
  • Faster and more efficient than AdBlock Plus.
  • Uses smart algorithms to identify and block malware and popups rather than huge resource-intensive lists.
  • More stable than AdGuard and Adblock Super.
  • Free forever Ad-block.

4. AdBlock for Chrome

AdBlock — best ad blocker
AdBlock — best ad blocker

AdBlock for Chrome is specially designed for Google Chrome that allows you to block ads and customize based on your preference. For example, an ad allows you to support your favorite YouTube channels. With just a few clicks, you can help support your favorite content creators (while keeping ads blocked everywhere else).

  • Unobtrusive ads aren’t being blocked in order to support websites.
  • The notice you see about having access to your history and website data is automatically generated because AdBlock runs on every tab. But it does not actually monitor your browsing history or requires your personal information to work properly.

Download: Google Chrome extension

5. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a free and open-source ad blocker that is available for free on Google Chrome. It helps you to block all kinds of ads that site leads. uBlock Origin disable native javascript files to bring a better user experience

  • uBlock Origin filter lists
  • EasyList (ads)
  • EasyPrivacy (tracking)
  • Peter Lowe’s Ad server list (ads and tracking)
  • Online Malicious URL Blocklist

Download: Google Chrome extension

So, those are the list of best adblockers for Google chrome. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at vinron.in/suggestions or tweet @vinronco on twitter. In case if you are looking to disable an adblocker follow the steps mentioned below.

How to disable adblocker

Removing ad blocker extensions will disable adblocker in Google Chrome. To remove extensions

  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click More More tools Extensions.
  • On to the extension you want to remove, click Remove.
  • Confirm by clicking Remove.
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