10 Best Bike Racing Games For Android in 2023 (Updated!)

Here is the list of best bike racing games for android to download and play right now. These games offer the best gaming experience with Good graphics and controls.
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You don’t need a Playstation or PC to play the best racing games. In terms of graphics and gameplay, mobile gaming has now caught up to PC gaming. If you like to play bike racing games when you have free time, you can play these games to have fun and enjoy the kind of games you like to play. In this article, we’ve listed the Best Bike Racing Games for Android so you can have fun playing them.

Best Bike Racing Games For Android

1. Racing Fever: Moto (Best Moto Bike Racing)

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This is one of the best Moto Bike Racing Games you can play on a Smartphone. It has pretty good graphics, great controls, and gameplay, and it is a very addicting game for people who like bike games. This game is mostly about racing on a motorcycle. As the player, you race against other people in a way that is similar to an adventure game. During the race, you also have to try to get away from the police.

Features of Racing Fever

  • 4 different camera angles, For a more realistic experience, you can play from the point of view of your racer or use different camera angles to give you more control over the race.
  • Motorcycles that look like the real thing. We’ve modeled 16 different bikes down to the smallest detail for you.
  • Choose one, make it run better and look different, and start racing.
  • There are 4 different areas and 4 cruel gang leaders.
  • You can choose from tens of different types of racing in all four seasons.
  • Be the best racer and beat all 4 leaders to prove it.
  • There are 4 ways to control the car. We know that no two racers are the same.
  • We added a control option so that everyone would be happy.
  • You can tilt your phone or touch the screen to control your bike.
  • You no longer have any reason not to win the race.
  • Escape Mode, speed limits were set to be broken!
  • Remember that you and your bike are the only ones running from the police.
  • Daily Bonus Mode: We didn’t forget to add a mode where you can race every day to win valuable gifts!
  • In Private Mode, you can choose the time of day, the weather, the amount and speed of traffic, and even the number of police officers.
  • You make the rules, you win the race!

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2. SBK16 Official Mobile Game (Realistic Graphics)

YouTube video

SBK16 is one of the best bike racing games I’ve ever played on Mobile. The graphics are so cool and realistic that it almost looks like a PC game. You can’t just install the game and start having fun. It will take you some time to get the hang of it and feel like you’re really racing a bike. If you’re the kind of a Gamer guy and want a PC-like experience on your phone, try this game.

It’s a fun game that lets you learn about how the sport works. One of the best sports games out of a lot of pretty dull and average ones. Experience the thrill of driving a 200 HP beast through the world’s most difficult race tracks: You can get an Aprilia, a Kawasaki, a Honda, a Ducati, an MV Agusta, a BMW, or a Yamaha. You can race against the current SBK Champion, Jonathan Rea, and other real riders, or you can test your riding skills in the new Test Ride mode to get a reward that will change the game.

Features of SBK16 Official Mobile Game

  • There will be 13 races on 4 continents, including the new Lausitz track in Germany.
  • 24 top riders from around the world, including former world champions Tom Sykes and Sylvain Guintoli, will compete in the race.
  • Four game modes, including Championship, Quick Race, Time Attack, and Test Ride, in which you go through a series of challenges to show how good you are and earn an ad.
  • Free adventure.
  • Take the wheel with the new cockpit view. Get the most out of your games with a mobile game controller.

3. Death Moto 5: Racing Game (Knock-out Game)

best bike racing games for android

It is a simple game with good graphics that can be played on even Budget smartphones. You can feel how fast your bike is by picking up different nitro tools and kicking your opponents to win the race.

Features of Death Moto 5

  • As long as you play the game, you should pick up the tools, aim, and throw other motorcycle riders.
  • Please remember that you will get more coins the closer you get to knock down other riders. With a combo kill, your score and coins will be doubled.
  • When you speed up, you’ll use up the nitrogen, so don’t forget to collect it or you’ll fall behind.
  • You can, of course, add your score to the list. Who is better when people from all over the world play?
  • Can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

4. Traffic Rider (Endless Race)

YouTube video

This is another great game from SK Games like Traffic Racer. Traffic Rider is an Endless Bike Racing Game that you can play to pass the time as much as you want. It takes the genre of “endless racing” to a whole new level by adding a full career mode, first-person view, better graphics, and bike sounds that were recorded from real bikes. The spirit of smooth arcade racing is still there, but it has a new shell. Ride your bike on the endless highway roads, passing cars as you go. You can upgrade and buy new bikes to beat the missions in career mode.

Features of Traffic Rider

  • The faster you ride, the more points you get
  • When going over 100 km/h, drive close to traffic cars to get extra points and cash
  • Driving in the opposite direction in a two-way street earns you more points and money
  • Do wheelies to earn more points and money
  • And there is the First personal camera view
  • 29 motorbikes to choose from
  • Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes
  • Detailed environments with day and night variations
  • Career mode with 70+ missions
  • Online leaderboards and 30+ achievements

5. Bike Racing 3D (Stunt Driving)

Image showing bike racing 3d game gameplay

Bike Racing 3D is one of the best bicycle motocross games with insane stunt action. You can crush the competition as you drive through a variety of dangerous tracks and enjoy realistic bike physics and fast-paced gameplay. It’s easy to learn how to play Bike Racing 3D, but it’s hard to get good at it, which will keep you playing for hours. In this high-speed racing adventure, you and other crazy racers will race, jump, and crash their way through amazing frontier tracks as you learn the skills and physics of motocross.

Features of Bike Racing 3D

  • 60 tracks in Career mode, from easy trials to very technical
  • Authentic 3D physics and feel-good graphics
  • Select from 5 unique bikes, ride how you want to ride

6. Racing Moto (Small size)

Image showing the interface of moto racing game

Racing Moto is the first Bike racing game I have played on a smartphone back in 2011. It has been a popular bike racing game for several years. The game is below 10MB in size and can be played on any smartphone. If you love casual games then you can play this game when you have a few minutes of free time and want to play a bike racing game.

During rush hour, you need to be able to control your motorcycle with incredible speed. Enjoy beautiful views of the desert, city, bridge, sea, and forest as you travel.

Features of Racing Moto

  • Turn the bike in any direction by tilting your phone
  • Tap the screen to speed up Keep making moto go faster so that the score will go up
  • On the right top of the screen, you can see the boost factor
  • Look out for the red light. Cars can go either left or right

7. Bike Race: Motorcycle Games (Stunt Driving)

YouTube video

It’s a lightweight casual stunt driving game that you can play when you have some free time. This game has simple graphics, but the levels get harder as you play. There is also a mode where you can play with other people online completing stunts.

Features of Bike Race

  • Race against millions of users on multiplayer
  • Train on single player to improve your skills
  • Simple and intuitive driver controls
  • Challenge your Facebook friends
  • Play Offline Mode
  • Hundreds of crazy tracks and mad worlds

9. Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag (Drag Racing)

Image showing the screenshot of top bike game

We will get so excited when it comes to watching or playing drag racing. Top Bike is one of the best bike drag racing games I played. As soon as you start racing against the biker gangs that run The City, your adrenaline level will go through the roof.

You can race on a wide range of motorcycles, from badass choppers to fast motocross bikes, that you can easily change. All ready to go, full of nitro, and ready to let loose on the asphalt below. You can also drive real quads, which is a treat for anyone who loves dirt. Experience speed that a brick wall is the only thing that can stop.

Features of Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag

  • 71+ heavily modded bikes to choose from
  • Tune and customize your bike any way you want
  • Enjoy an epic story of underground rivalry and gang battles
  • Prove yourself against the most brutal kings of the road
  • Express yourself through millions of motor customization options
  • Explore a huge city ruled by dangerous daredevils and hardcore criminals

10. Moto Bike Racing (Stylish Graphics)

YouTube video

It is the world of dangerous motorcycles, where everyone wants to go as fast as possible. To go for the challenge and feel this crazy competitive mode, just drive on a road where cars are coming and going and speed up at night. Look for breakthroughs in madness and race to the top of the world of motorcycles.

Features of Moto Bike Racing

  • There are hundreds of game levels, track challenges that have never been seen before, and the tracks are full of surprises
  • You have a lot of options because they look cool, can be set up in different ways, and do different things
  • In unique upgrade mode, the unique modification system will make your favorite vehicles more powerful
  • Next-generation image rendering technology, smooth controls, beautiful scenes, and difficult special tracks, you’ll face driving challenges like never before

So, those are the list of Best Bike Racing Games available to play on android. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at Vinron.in/suggestions.

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