Best fitness and exercise apps in India-That Actually Work

Here is the list of the best fitness and exercise apps in India to start your journey right now. From beginner to expert, Pick the best fitness app for your needs.
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Being fit and exercising are the two most basic things humans should adopt right away. You don’t need to have big workout equipment to get the work done. The most valuable piece of gear might be right in your back pocket. Today, there a ton of apps devoted to all kinds of workouts and exercises. In this post with the help of fitness experts, I have selected the best fitness and exercise apps in India to start your journey.

10 Best Fitness and Exercise Apps That Actually Work

Home Workout – No Equipments

Home Workout – No Equipments

Let’s start with the basic one, Home Workout – No Equipment is the best home workout for beginners. The app consists of detailed animation and video Workouts to get started as a beginner. You can configure your workout based on beginners, medium, and advanced. You can record the training process automatically and track workouts. The app is about 15 M.B in size and available for free in the Store.

Home Workout descriptionWarm-up and stretching routines

  • Records training progress automatically
  • The chart tracks your weight trends
  • Customize your workout reminders
  • Detailed video and animation guides
  • Lose weight with a personal trainer
  • Share with your friends on social media

Seven – 7 minute workout

Seven – 7 minute workout

Seven – 7-minute workout is an extended version of the home Workout app with more workout features. The app is available 53 M.B in size and available for free on Google and app stores.

  • Work out anywhere, anytime. No equipment needed.
  • Create a habit of training with our daily 7-minute workout challenge
  • Compete with friends for extra encouragement and support
  • Create workouts tailored to your needs and preferences
  • Sweat with our personal trainers the Drill Sergeant, Cheerleader and more!
  • Get faster results with workout plans adapted to your fitness level
  • Access over 200 exercises and workouts to vary your training
  • Receive exclusive support and guidance from our certified personal trainer

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

Now let’s get further with meal planning too. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner is the best app for people who are beginner and wants a meal plan too. The app allows you to set up a custom workout and diet plan to achieve your health goals as easily as possible. The app includes a guided program that helps you eat better, lose weight, or get fit with a variety of personalized meal plans, workouts.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner description

  • Fitness assessment to place you in your initial level
  • Workout plans to challenge you and make you progress
  • Customized healthy meals and diet plans
  • Foods to eat and foods to avoid
  • Healthy recipes and shopping list
  • 8fit improves your nutrition and provides you with the healthy eating tools you need to reach your health and weight goals by:
  • Organizing your week with a healthy meal plan app, accompanied by a grocery list
  • Providing you with over 400 healthy recipes customized to your personal tastes or allergies
  • Eliminating the hassle of keeping track of your daily calorie count
  • Accommodating dietary preferences: paleo, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, low carb…
  • 8fit helps you make exercise a part of your daily routine:
  • Over 350 exercises with a variety of levels to progress through
  • Time-efficient HIIT workouts including a Tabata timer and countdown cues
  • A strength test and a fitness tracker to measure your progress
  • Daily motivation, fitness trainer tips, and activity tracking
  • Pedometer/step counter synced to Google Fit
  • Sweat with challenging exercises
  • The intensity of 8fit’s HIIT and Tabata Workouts are inspired by Crossfit and P90x
  • Go at your own pace and improve your fitness at home.

FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans

FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans

If you are an intermediate, you can get FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans. The app is the most popular among people who are really consistent in working out. The app has video lectures and If you wear a connected heart rate monitor while working out. This is one of the best fitness and exercise apps for intermediate. The app is about 41 M.B in size and available for free on the Store.

FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans description

  • Quick & effective fitness videos from celebrity trainers like Jeanette Jenkins, Cassey Ho (of Blogilates), and many more!
  • Exclusive workouts with Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, & JVN
  • No gym? No problem. Turn your home into a fitness studio with your phone, laptop, or TV
  • No subscription required, no limits – it’s that simple
  • Reach your goals with personalized workout plans
  • Lose weight, build muscle, increase your cardio endurance, get fit, or reduce stress with plans that work for you
  • Enjoy cardio, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, Barre, strength, dance, and more
  • Browse by workout category, body part, length, and intensity
  • Short on time? We’ve got quick HIIT 10-minute workouts so you can get your workout in fast!
  • Workout anytime on-demand, join a live class, and get ready to sweat!
  • Calming meditations to help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Guidance toward improved breathing
  • Increased relaxation for better sleep

Nike training club

YouTube video

Nike training club is best for people who would like to do long Workouts. The workouts come in the form of videos showing a trainer doing the move, with a voice-over giving tips and announcing the time. The app is available for free as of now. The size of the app is about 65M.B in size and available on Google and the app store.

image by Nike | Nike app
  • Essential Yoga Flows for Every Day
  • Big Workouts for Small Spaces
  • For the Whole Family
  • Boost Your Mood
  • Rejuvenate with Yoga
  • Best of Abs, Arms, and Glutes
  • Body-part-focused workouts targeting your abs and core, arms and shoulders, and glutes and legs
  • HIT, Boxing, Yoga, Strength, Endurance and Mobility workouts
  • Workout times ranging from 5–60 minutes
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
  • Low-, Moderate- and High-Intensity workouts
  • Bodyweight only, Light- and Full-Equipment workouts
  • •time-based and rep-based options

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