31+ Best Group Buy SEO Tools Provider in 2023 (Updated!)

If you want to purchase SEO tools at a low cost. Group Buy SEO providers are your best bet. They offer low-cost access to SEO tools. This Guide will look at the best Group Buy SEO providers in India.

Not everyone can afford to buy SEO Tools. If you are one who is looking to buy SEO Tools at a lower price, Group Buying SEO tools are the best option for you.

In this guide, we are going to discuss what are group-buying SEO tools how do they work, and most importantly the best Group Buy SEO Tools provider in India.

If you can afford it, please consider purchasing SEO tools from the original provider. This guide is only for those who cannot afford the necessary tools. This guide is not meant to be harmful to SEO companies.

All you need to know about SEO Group Buy Tools

What is an SEO group buy?

Essentially, the concept is cost-sharing. The provider will buy the tools and resell them to us. We as users will have access to the tools depending upon the plan we opted for. Different Group Buy websites offer a different set of tools and pricing.

Another most common question we get is, are group buy SEO tools Legal. The answer to this question depends upon so many factors.

The accounts can be shared between different people. However, in the case of the Group Buy SEO tools website, they provide account sharing to a bunch of people which can be against some of the SEO tools. Those companies can take legal action against Group Buy SEO tools providers and block access to the tool.

Things you should know before buying Group Buy Tools

  • They do not promise to stay forever. If the company takes legal action against the website, it may disappear overnight.
  • All tools are accessed through the same account, which means you share tools with others and your tool usage can be viewed by anyone who has access to the account.
  • You are not permitted to share your Group Buy SEO account with others.
  • Before making a purchase, please read the refund policy.

Best Group Buy SEO Tools Provider in India

Best seo tools group buy are Toolzbuy which is the top pick followed by SEO shopee, star seo tools, toolssm and more.

1. Toolzbuy

Toolzbuy is one of the best websites in India that provides SEO Group tools. There are four different plans available on the website. You can choose any of them based on your budget and tool requirements.

The signup process is extremely simple. Simply tap the buy now button to the right of the plan you want to purchase and pay online using PayPal’s UPI. After you pay, you will have immediate access to the tools for 30 days. You can also buy individual tools using the same procedure we just discussed.

If you discover that a tool is not working properly, you can contact the help desk. Depending on the nature of the query, the help desk team typically responds within 30 minutes to one hour.

  • Offers four new plans – Lite, advanced and Pro plan and you can also buy individual tools
  • Adding new tools
  • Prices are increasing
  • 24×7 website support team has but one goal in mind
  • There is no need for approval or anything else. You will get instant access after you have paid for it.
  • Our environment is fully automated, Now we can give you higher uptime and stability.
  • List of Tools you will get, Ahrefs, SEmrush Pro, Moz Pro, Canva Pro, Grammarly, Prime Video,Pic Monkey,SkillShare,Keyword revealer,WordAi,Envato Elements,Woorank,Word Tracker,Crello Pro,Alexa Agency,Stock Unlimited,Placeit Premium,Netflix

We made the entire site available to inexperienced bloggers, marketers, designers, and developers who couldn’t afford premium tools. We are always dedicated to providing the best services and maintaining a high level of uptime while remaining within your budget.

If our tools do not work for more than two days, we will refund your money ( Only in Rare Cases ).

We won’t provide refund if you upgrade from small pack to big pack. If you wish to upgrade your plan please contact us through live chat or email (Upgrades are given within one day of purchase only)

If you have any further questions or wish to make a refund claim, please contact our Chat support. They will respond to all of your inquiries.

2. Seoshope

If you want to buy group SEO tools, an SEO shop is also a good place to look. The website’s interface is very similar to Toolzbuy’s.

In comparison to Toolzbuy, the SEO shop’s advanced plan includes frase and other copywriting tools but lacks other tools found in Toolzbuy’s advanced pack.

So, when deciding between SEO Shope and Toolzbuy, it all comes down to your preferences, as they both offer a different set of tools.

  • Offers four different plans – Lite, advanced and Pro Plan and also individual plans
  • 24/7 Helpdesk support
  • Live chat
  • Money Refund available

We only refund if our tools do not work for more than 48 hours. Before purchasing anything, make sure to clear everything with the Live Chat Support. For further information, please see our Refund Policy.

3. Starseotools

Star SEO tools is another great place to visit if you are looking for a group buy SEO individual tools. Compared to the test Star SEO tools offer more individual tools. The pricing of these tools is very similar to other SEO group Tools provider website.

Star SEO tools offer three plans. The individual plan, and the pro and the advanced plan. Unlike others, you can get access to Ahrefs and Semrush in the lite plan itself.

  • Offers three plans , single tool buy plan, lite plan and advanced plan
  • 24×7 website support team
  • Instant access after you have paid for it.

We will refund if our tools don’t work for more than 3 days. In this case you can ask for refund via live chat. Our exicutive will try to solve your issues, If we are unable to solve your issues then we will inititate your refund. **Most of the tools don’t work on mobile if you are a mobile user and want to buy our service please contact us via live chat. We don’t refund you if you claim as mobile user after puchasing tools which don’t work on mobile. **We will not provide any refund if your account get blocked by our system for sharing or stealing cookies. **Refund can take maximum one week to inititate.

4. Toolszm

If you are looking for an affordable SEO group Buy tools, Toolszm is the best option. Toolszm has a much lower price and a smaller number of tools when compared to the others.

  • Offers different affordable plans. You can also buy individual tools
  • 24×7 website support live support
  • Iinstant access after you have paid for it.

We will provide refund only when our service not work for more than 3 days. There will be no refund if your account get ban or you do not use our service. Also, there will be no refund if our tool limits get ended, you have to wait till limit refresh again.

More Best SEO Group Buy tools providers in India


So, there you have it: the best Group Buy SEO tool providers in India. I hope you found this list useful. If you can afford it, please buy tools from the original tool providers so that they can continue to innovate for us.

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