5 Best Night Mode Apps for Android in 2023 (Blue light filters)

Here is the list of Best Night Mode Apps for Android. Use them to protect your eyes while using your smartphone.

If you are using a mobile phone too much, One of the most dangerous is the blue light that comes from the screen. Some potential dangers of blue light exposure from mobile screens include eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruptions.

Benefits of using blue light filters on your smartphone

  • It reduces the strain on the eye
  • It improves sleep and many more

Most smartphones now come with an inbuilt blue light filter. You can find this feature in the settings. But there are limits when compared to third-party applications we listed in this guide. If you want to get the dill advantage of setting up a blue light filter I strongly recommend using third-party applications.

Best Night Mode Apps for Android

Twilight: Blue light filter

When it comes to blue light filtering Twilight is the most popular among well-known players and other apps available in the market right now.

Talking about its features, It Blocks the blue light right after enabling. You can adjust the tone by simply toggling the bar on the top and also in the app. You can also schedule the time. The app will automatically adjust the blue light based on your preferred time.

The company also mentions the most popular issue with the kind of apps. If you don’t know about the myth Bluelight filter will harm the Amoled screen, But in reality, it doesn’t.

The app is completely free to use. You can directly download the app from Google Play Store and start using it now.

Features of Twilight

  • Twilight is easier on the eyes for nighttime reading in bed. In particular, it can reduce the screen’s illumination well beyond the capabilities of the backlight controls on your
  • AMOLED screen: Twilight has been tested on an AMOLED display for five years without showing any signs of depletion or over-burning. If properly configured, Twilight emits less light (by enabling dimming) and distributes it more evenly (dark areas of the screen such as the status bar get tinted). This may extend the life of your AMOLED display.
  • The Twilight application adjusts your device’s display to the time of day. After sunset, it filters the blue light emitted by your smartphone or tablet and shields your eyes with a soft, pleasant red filter. The filter’s intensity is gradually modified based on the local sunset and sunrise periods.

Download: Android

Night Owl – Screen Dimmer & Night Mode

The next pick on our list is a night owl. This is also one of the most popular apps in recent times that is gaining popularity thanks to its modern UI and its features.

Just like any other app Night, Owl lets you block blue light from the mobile screen with just one tap. You can manually adjust the intensity of the blue light emitted from the Mobile screen. It also enables you to set the low screen brightness according to the surroundings you are in.

You can also schedule the blue light filtering directly by going to the blue light settings of the app. The app will automatically adjust the light based on the preferred time you have set.

The app is also completely free to download from Google Play Store. You can click the links below to download and start using it now.

Features of Night Owl

  • Reduce the brightness of the display, notification icons, and notification drawer
  • Adjust the filter’s intensity within the application or from notice.
  • Filter the blue light or adjust the color tone.
  • Automatically start and stop the application using a timer or sun schedule.
  • Shake the device to close an application. (optional)
  • Disable auto-brightness and set the device’s brightness to a minimum when the application starts. Use quick setting tiles to rapidly start or stop the application.

Download: Android

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

A blue light filter is another popular app you can use to filter Bluetooth on your mobile screen. Similar to other apps you can filter blue light based on the intensity you have set.

The app is very simple to use and very minimal. You can set different light conditions based on your preference. The app will automatically adjust the intensity based on your preference.

The app is available for free on Google Play Store. You can download it now and start using it for free.

Features of Blue Light Filter

  • Diminish Blue Light
  • The screen filter can convert your screen to a natural tint, thereby reducing the blue light that disrupts sleep.
  • Screen Filter Intensity
  • You may easily adjust the filter’s intensity to soften the screen’s illumination by moving the button.
  • Save Energy
  • As a result of limiting the amount of blue light emitted by the screen, it is possible to conserve a substantial amount of energy, as demonstrated by
  • Simple to Use
  • With the aid of convenient buttons and an automatic timer, you may turn the app on and off in a single second. Extremely helpful app for eye care.
  • Screen Dimmer
  • You can adjust the brightness of your screen accordingly. Improve your reading experience.
  • Eye Protection Against Display Light
  • Quickly switch to night mode to preserve your eyes and alleviate eye strain.

Download: Android

HALO – Bluelight Filter, Night Mode, Anti-Glare

Halo is another popular that is gaining popularity in recent days thanks to its modern UI experience. Most of the users also complain about battery draining issues while using the app. If you face the same issue you can uninstall the app and try out other options from this guide.

Features of HALO – Bluelight Filter, Night Mode, Anti-Glare

  • Dark mode (the blue light filer) ON/OFF
  • Adjust brightness and intensity
  • Quick configuration in the notification region
  • Night mode ON/OFF toggle in the top bar (Quick Settings Tile) (Android Nougat 7.0+ required).
  • Schedule Night Mode
  • Active/Inactive the application (stop background service)

Download: Android

f.lux (preview, root-only)

F Lux is the popular desktop blue light filter app. The app is now available on Android but it was limited to rooted devices. The app won’t run on all phones — many Samsung Galaxy 5. x devices won’t work, for example. Instead, you’ll need a rooted Lollipop or Marshmallow (5. x or 6. x) device to have a good shot, though some rooted KitKat (4. x) devices may also work.

Even if you have a rooted device the app interface is not very great. But the best thing is it works really well when it comes to blocking the blue light. You can schedule the time and set the intensity. It adjusts the blue light based on your location and writes TechCrunch.

The app is directly available on Google Play Store. If you own a rooted device you can directly download it from the Google Play Store for free and start using it now.

Features of f.lux

  • f.lux removes the blue hues from your phone’s display at night to help you unwind and restore the screen to its usual state in the morning. This version is not the final version. It requires a phone that has been rooted in order to be used. We appreciate your assistance with bug reports and questions about features.
  • Most Lollipop and Marshmallow smartphones (5. x and 6. x) with root access will function.
  • Some KitKat (4. x) rooted smartphones will function, but the majority will not.

Download: Android


If you are looking for the overall best app Twilight is the best choice. If you are looking for an app with modern UI and more features Night OWL is the best option for you. If you are looking for a minimal Look Blue Light Filter is the best app for you. If you own a rooted Android device and you already use Flux on your PC, Then Flux Android App is the best option for you.

So, those are the list of best night mode/blue light apps. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at vinron.in/suggestions. For more best apps and games you can click the links.

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