Carl Pie co-founder of Oneplus left the company

Oneplus Co-founder Carl Pie left the company according to latest internal sources. This is a big move from Carl Pie

Carl Pei, who co-founded the OnePlus in his 20s, has left the company according to the sources. Two internal notices sent to staff recently Reveals Carl is no longer listed in leadership and removed from Oneplus Nord Team. More recently, Pei has headed up the OnePlus Nord brand, which focused on more affordable handsets.

It’s unclear whether Pei left the company by choice or if he was fired, but u/JonSigur says that he “hears sacked.” But the company may be trying to save face by calling the departure “left by mutual consent.”

Previously Carl was rumored that he is going to work for Samsung but the report from Tech crunch confirms Pei is not joining Samsung but has clarity on what he wishes to do next. He is starting his own venture and is in talks with investors to raise capital. Pei did not respond to a request for comment early Monday.

This is a big jump from Carl, considering how he made Oneplus as it is today. We should know the full details after Oneplus officially responds to this issue.

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