Clubhouse on Android: Here is everything you should know

The clubhouse is finally available on Android. You can pre-register clubhouse for android on the Google play store Nand wait for an invitation to join the club.

The clubhouse is finally launching its android app after more than a year the company introduced the iOS app. The app is available to pre-register on the Google play store including India.

We are thrilled to share that Clubhouse for Android will start rolling out in beta immediately. We will begin gradually, with the U.S. today, followed by other English-speaking countries and then the rest of the world” – clubhouse

The clubhouse will remain invite-only for now, meaning itโ€™s still not open to just anyone. The clubhouse has gained immense popularity. Other big tech giants like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn have already started cloning the feature.

If you want to be part of new audio chats you can get started with Twitter spaces, available for everyone including India.

โ€œOur plan over the next few weeks is to collect feedback from the community, fix any issues we see and work to add a few final features like payments and club creation before rolling it out more broadly” – Clubhouse

How to get a clubhouse on android

As of now, the clubhouse is only available to pre-register on Google Play Store. Once the app is available to download you directly install it from Google Play Store. Clubhouse only supports android OS version 8.0 and above.

Once you installed the app, if your friend is in Clubhouse you can ask him to send you an invite. Once you received the invitation you can sign up and join the waiting list.

It might take several months for the clubhouse to launch the android app as the company states several features like topic following, localization, in-app transitions, club creation and management, sidebar, update name and use name, payments, and report is still yet to add.

Update (17 may 2021 ) – clubhouse is expanding its android app to India. The company announces via twitter

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