Daily Tech Digest-Mar 15: GPT4, Google AI, New Rules by India and more

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OpenAI Announces Release of GPT-4: A More Creative and Collaborative AI-Language Model

OpenAI has announced the release of GPT-4, an advanced AI language model that can understand both text and image inputs and solve difficult problems with greater accuracy. However, it still has some problems such as generating false information and violent text.

OpenAI has partnered with several companies to integrate GPT-4 into their products and it will be available to the public via a ChatGPT Plus subscription and an API for developers to build on. A waitlist has been created, which will start admitting users soon.

Google Unveils Upcoming Generative AI Features for Workspace Apps

Google has announced upcoming generative AI features for its Workspace apps, including new ways to generate and brainstorm text in Google Docs, the ability to generate full emails in Gmail, and AI imagery, audio, and video in Slides.

The company is trying to catch up with competitors like OpenAI and Microsoft, who have already launched similar AI features. Only AI writing tools in Docs and Gmail will be available to a group of US-based testers this month, and the other features will be made available to the public later in the year, but no specific date has been given.


New Rules for smartphones in India

India is planning to introduce new security rules that will require smartphone manufacturers to allow the removal of pre-installed apps and mandate the screening of major operating system updates, according to a government document.

The move is aimed at addressing concerns about spying and abuse of user data. However, the new rules could lead to extended launch timelines in India’s smartphone market and cause losses for companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Apple, which rely on pre-installed apps. The IT ministry is currently considering the proposed rules.


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