Everything you should know about Google Chrome Flags

Google Chrome flags are additional experimental features. Flags can improve your experience using Chrome or make it worse. Chrome flags let you improve your browsing performance and also lets you use new in-development features. They also pack advanced options like hardware and GPU acceleration, which should be great for developer testing.

How to Enable Google Chrome flags

You can head over to this link chrome://flags/ in Google Chrome and enable Google Chrome flags. If you looking for the best Google Chrome flags you van head over to this link and get started.

Are Google Chrome Flags safe to use

Yes, Google Chrome flags are completely safe to use unless you started messing with unknown features. You should have to be careful with Google Chrome flags.

How to open Google Chrome flags on mobile

Open Chrome on your mobile. Type chrome://flags into the address bar and press enter. Search for “Reader mode triggering”. When the option shows up, tap on the drop-down menu, and select Always.