Go and read Congress tech antitrust report

congress has published an antitrust report. Go and read full antitrust report on big companies monopoly .

  • Its 449-page report criticizes these companies for buying competitors, preferencing their own services, and holding outsized power over smaller businesses that use their platforms
  • Most broadly, it suggests that Congress define a new standard for antitrust violations, declaring that the laws should be “designed to protect not just consumers, but also workers, entrepreneurs, independent businesses, open markets, a fair economy, and democratic ideals.”
  • Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) circulated an alternative report that described some Democratic proposals as “non-starters for conservatives.” Although there’s bipartisan demand for reducing the power of the biggest tech companies, the committee failed to settle on a single vision of how to move forward.
  • It praises the majority for proposing “additional resources and tools” for antitrust regulatory agencies, including changes to the standard for anticompetitive effects, but it breaks with the primary report on a number of issues, like the nondiscrimination rules.

Read full article here : Congress releases blockbuster tech antitrust report

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