Google is separating the Chrome browser from Google Chrome OS

Google is seperating Google chrome browser from Google chrome OS through a new project called lacros

According to the latest report by android police, Google is separating the chrome browser from Google Chrome OS through an internal project called Lacros. This means Google can independently update the Google Chrome browser instead of updating the whole Chrome OS.

The report from android police tells that Lacros is an experimental initiative to separate the Chrome binary from the System UI (Ash, Overview Mode, Shelf, etc.) on Chrome OS. Chrome’s developers renamed the existing Chrome binary on Chrome OS to ash-chrome.then took the Linux version of Chrome, renamed it to lacrosse-chrome, refined its Wayland support and architecture, and made it runnable in Chrome OS. This Chrome OS can be running on OS 87, but the Chrome binary can be on version 89.

Currently, to update Chrome, Google has to ship the package to the update every channel, and no way to issue an update separately to the Chrome browser which makes existing chrome devices outdated after Google drops update for chrome OS and even will make them vulnerable.

There is no information on the exact rollout of this new project and don’t know what approach Google will take with Lacros as of now. For more information and updates stay tuned to our Blog.

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