How to avail Apple student discount in India in 2022 (Updated!)

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If you are a student looking to purchase an Apple product, the company will give you a 10% discount on selected products regardless of the day of the year you purchase them. You can buy products from the Apple Education Store as easily as you would from the regular Apple online store.

To be eligible for the Apple student discount in India, you must be verified with UNIDAYS. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to get Apple student discounts in India.

What is Apple Student discount ?

How to avail Apple student discount in India
How to avail Apple student discount in India

Apple offers discounts on its products for newly accepted college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels


  • You need to have a valid College ID card.
  • One should not be more than 25 years old.
  • The discount is valid for students from Class 10 and above only.

How to avail Apple student discount in India

  • Head over to Apple education store or open your fav browser on your smartphone and enter this URL
  • Click on Get verified with UNiDAYS
Click on Get verified with UNiDAYS
  • Click on Continue
Click on Continue
  • Now enter your email and password and tap on Join now button
  • Now select your institute you are studying
  • If you are unable to find your college you are studying, Tap on none of the these
  • Now, Enter your personal email address issued to you by your university and click on contine
  • Once the email is verified, Apple will send you mail , You need to verify mail
  • If you dont have email, You can also verify your documents like college ID
Click on Verify with documents
  • You will be able to access the Apple India educational store and receive discounts on products purchased through the educational store once your email address has been verified.

List of discounts currently offered by Apple for Students

  • MacBook Air – Starting at ₹83,691 (Regular Price- ₹92,990)
  • MacBook Pro – Starting at ₹1,10,691 (Regular Price- ₹1,22,990)
  • iMac – Starting at ₹89,910 (Regular Price- ₹99,990)
  • iMac Pro – Starting at ₹4,18,410 (Regular Price- ₹4,64,900)
  • Mac Pro – Starting at ₹4,49,910 (Regular Price- ₹4,99,900)
  • Mac Mini – Starting at ₹67,410 (Regular Price- ₹74,900)
  • Pro Display XDR – Starting at ₹4,04,910 (Regular Price- ₹4,49,900)
  • iPad Pro –Starting at ₹68,305 (Regular Price- ₹71,900)
  • iPad Air – Starting at ₹50,783 (Regular Price- ₹54,900)
  • iPad – Starting at ₹28,106 (Regular Price- ₹29,900)
  • iPad Mini – Starting at ₹33,155 (Regular Price- ₹34,900)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Apple store in India give a discount?

Yes, student discounts are available at the Apple Online Store in India. There are currently no Apple offline stores in India; however, Apple plans to open offline stores in the near future. Only the Apple online store currently offers a student discount.

Do we get discounts on iPads being a student?

Yes, Currently Apple offers discounts all popular iPad models.

  • iPad Pro –Starting at ₹68,305 (Regular Price- ₹71,900) iPad Air –Starting at ₹50,783 (Regular Price- ₹54,900) iPad – Starting at ₹28,106 (Regular Price- ₹29,900) iPad Mini – Starting at ₹33,155 (Regular Price- ₹34,900)
  • Does Apple still give free AirPods to students in 2021?

    In India, Apple has announced a new limited-time “Back to School” offer. The offer was valid until September 27, 2021 (Update: Expired now)

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