How to Check Idea Net Balance Without Calling Customer Care

Here is How to check idea net balance. Follow these simple steps to get started on how to check idea net balance through the new Vi Portal

Idea and Vodaphone are longer separate brands, they just merged now into Vi, you have to use a new service in order to check the idea or Vodaphone net balance. You can use different ways to check your Idea or Vodaphone net balance, In this article, we’ll show you how to check Idea net balance. You can check your Idea net balance from your registered mobile number.

How to check Idea net balance

  • You can visit this link and download the new Vi app ( Vodaphone and Idea ).
  • Open your app and register with your current Vodaphone or idea number
  • And they visit the usage section to check your net balance
  • Also, you can dial *111# and choose the relevant option to check your data balance
  • You can also get updates via what’s an app by registering your number here

Idea prepaid USSD codes

*199*2*1#        1.All Balance
*199*2*2#        2.Internet Usage
*199*2*2*1#              1.Total Data Usage
*199*2*2*2#              2.Daily Data Usage
*199*2*2*3#              3. Start Data Notifications
*199*2*2*4#              4. Stop Data Notifications
*199*2*3#3 Last 3 Calls and SMS details
*199*2*4#4 Latest VAS deductions of last 3 days
*199*2*5#5 Latest Recharge details of last 3 days
*199*3#3 Manage Account
*199*3*1#1 Activate VAS
*199*3*2#2 Deactivate VAS
*199*3*3#3 Song Change
*199*3*4#4 Email ID Updation
*199*3*5#5 Chotta credit
*199*3*5*1#         1. Buy Chotta credit
*199*3*5*2#         2. Chotta credit history
*199*3*6#6 PUK Number
*199*4#4 Go Digital
*199*4*1#1 Download Vi App
*199*4*2#2 Download Vic on Whatsapp
*199*4*3#3 Download Caller Tune App
*199*4*4#4 Download Vi Movies & TV App
*199*5#5 Recharge
*199*5*1#1 Enter MRP
*199*5*2#2 Unlimited Packs
*199*5*3#3 Combo Packs
*199*5*4#4 Data Packs
*199*5*5#5 International Roaming Packs
*199*6#6 Other Details
*199*6*1#1 Find a Vi Store
*199*6*2#2 Check 4G Status
*199*6*3#3 Quick help

Idea postpaid USSD codes

*199*2*1#   1. My plan and Activate new plan
              1. My Plan
              2. Activate New Postpaid Plan
*199*2*2#   2. Internet Usage
              1.Total Data Usage
              2.Daily Data Usage
              3. Start Data Notifications
              4. Stop Data Notifications
*199*2*3#    3. Activate Data Packs
              1. Activate Packs
              2. International Roaming Offers
*199*3#3.Billing & Payment details
*199*3*1#    1. Billing details
          1. Unbilled Amnt
          2. MBILL
          3. Mini Statement
*199*3*2#    2. Last 3 Payments details
*199*3*3#    3. Duplicate Bill over Email/Courier
          1.Duplicate bill via email
          2.Duplicate bill via courier
*199*3*4#     4. Ebill Password
*199*3*5#     5. Manage Ebill & Update Email ID
           1. Update Email ID
           2. Activate GoGreen (No Physical Bill)
           3. Activate Ebill – Physical + Bill on Email
           4. Deactivate GoGreen – No Physical bill
           5. Deactivate Ebill – Physical + Bill on Email
*199*4#4. Manage Account
           1. Activate VAS
           2. Deactivate VAS
          3. Song Change
          4. PUK Number
*199*5#5. GO Digital
          1. Download Vi App
          2. Download ViC on Whatsapp
          3. Download Caller Tune App
          4. Download Vi Movies & TV App
*199*6#6. Other Details
*199*6*1#         1. Find a Vi Store
*199*6*2#         2. Check 4G Status
*199*6*3#         3. Quick help
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