How to check if you’re part of any data breach

Here is how to check if you are part of any data breach and how to secure your data after a data breach and protect your account from data breaches.

For every website and service we sign up for, we have to trust these providers to protect the data we store with them. Unfortunately, as can be seen from various examples in the past few years, there is no guarantee that these service providers are capable of protecting our data.

When a data breach occurs, it is essential to take action immediately, by changing your password and making sure no other service you have signed up for uses the same login details. In this guide, I will help you with finding if you’re part of any data breach

How to check if you’re part of any data breach

There are a couple of tools that help you to check if you’re part of any data breach. One well-known site that tracks data breaches have I Been Pwned. You can check if your email or phone is in a data breach by simply inserting it into the check box.

The other best tool is F-Secure, Like the one before you can simply insert your mail address into the search bar and wait for the mail from them. If you are part of any data breach, F-Secure will mail the full details about the breach.

Have I Been Zuckered

Have I Been Zuckered is another website that developed recently helps you to find if your mobile number is part of Facebook data breach that happened recently. You can visit site and submit your mobile number to verify it was part in the breach.

How to secure your data after a data breach

Password check up
Password check up

If the above tools don’t warn you about you are in a data breach doesn’t mean there aren’t any. For reference, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds and Most companies take nearly 6 months to detect a data breach, even major ones. Follow the below steps to secure your data after a data breach.

  • Change your passwords in the breached services found in the breach report
  • Always use unique passwords for different websites and services
  • Use two-factor authentication for additional security, and stay alert for news of any other breaches.
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