How to Remove Youtube Shorts Permanently in 2021 (Updated!)

Image showing Youtube shorts logo
Image showing Youtube shorts logo

Youtube Shorts is a short-form video service that lets users create and upload a video of 15 seconds or less on YouTube. Youtube recently started rolling out these new shorts – Rival to Tiktok.

Not all people like these new Youtube shorts as they were super annoying to watch. In this Guide, I will let you disable Youtube shorts in the simplest way possible.

Note: If you are a Youtube creator and looking to delete your own Youtube short videos you can follow this Guide below

3 simple ways disable Youtube shorts on the Youtube app

Image showing Youtube shorts logo
Image showing Youtube shorts logo

1. Download Youtube vanced app

YouTube video
Video Showing How to remove Youtube shorts using Youtube vanced app

YouTube Vanced is the mod version of YouTube that is will allow users to use YouTube premium users for free.

Along with premium features, it comes with powerful features like disabling ads, YouTube shorts, YouTube stories, and sponsored content in YouTube.

Below I have listed out how to download YouTube Vanced app. You can download Youtube Vanced manager from the direct link below and follow the detailed setup process from here

  1. Download the YouTube Vanced manager from visiting this link
  2. Install the app and follow the instructions
  3. After you completed the setup, Open the app and follow the steps listed below.
  • Open Youtube Vanced app
  • Go to settings and then vanced settings
  • Go to ad settings
  • Go to the bottom and turn on short self.
  • This will disable Youtube shorts on the Youtube Home screen
  • To disable Youtube short button, Go to layout settings and turn on comments location ( alpha ). This will remove annoying Youtube button on the bottom navigation.
image showing How to disable Youtube shorts self
How to disable Youtube shorts
image showing How to disable Youtube shorts button
How to Remove Youtube shorts button on the Home screen

2. Degrade YouTube app

The older version of the app doesn’t contain Youtube shorts. So installing the older version of Youtube will disable Youtube shorts on the Youtube app. Follow the instructions given below to download the old version of YouTube without ads

  • Download Youtube version 14.12.56 by click the link
  • Install the app by allowing unknown sources to install apps.
  • Disable auto update of the YouTube app by going to google playstore and turn off auto update feature.

You can also install the old version of YouTube by going to your smartphone settings > search for manage apps or simply apps > click on YouTube > delete all youtube updates. This will uninstall the latest version of YouTube.

You can also long-press the app and tap on app info.

3. Use YouTube in the browser

Youtube on the browser doesn’t contain Youtube shorts

The browser version of YouTube doesn’t contain YouTube shorts. You can open your favorite browser on Your smartphone and go to to watch YouTube without shorts.

So, this is how you can remove YouTube shorts from the YouTube app. As you can see there is no direct method to disable shorts on YouTube.Hope this guide is helpful for you.

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