How to Disable YouTube Stories: 3 Ways to hide stories on Youtube in 2023

Are you tired of seeing your YouTube Stories popping up on your Home feed? Maybe you don’t want to see the posts from creators and publishers you stan, or you just really don’t like Stories. Regardless of why you want to disable YouTube Stories, we’re here to help
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Similar to Instagram Stories, YouTube a few months back introduced “YouTube Stories”, a new feature that allows creators with more than 10000 subscribers to post any updates that last for seven days on the mobile app, they will appear for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

At launch, Users expressed mixed reactions about Stories on the platform. Most of them reported bugs and missing features. YouTube had promised to improve the experience and fix the bugs while most of them remained the same.

Disabling entire YouTube stories will get rid of most of the bugs and extra clutters caused by stories. Follow this simple Guide listed below.

How to disable YouTube stories

To disable YouTube stories, Install YouTube Vanced app, open Vanced settings and then go to layout settings and turn off YouTube stories. This will disable YouTube stories on the YouTube app.

1. Download Youtube Vanced App

Hide YouTube stories
Hide YouTube stories
  • Click here to download latest YouTube vanced app.
  • After downloading, Intall the app on your device.
  • Once the app is installed, Open the app, and tap on your profile photo on your home-screen.
  • Tap on settings and go to vanced settings
  • And open layout settings and turn off YouTube stories. Restart the app and this will disable YouTube stories on the YouTube app.

2. Using Old version of Youtube can also disable Youtube Stories on the Youtube app.

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Youtube Logo
  • Download Youtube version 14.12.56
  • Allow unknown sources to install apps from settings
  • Don’t update the Youtube app to the latest version.

3. Use Youtube on your browser

The browser version of Youtube doesn’t contain stories. If you want to get rid of Youtube stories using the Youtube app on your browser. Simply go to Google Chrome or the default browser you are using, Enter the URL ( ) and use Youtube on your browser.

This is how you can disable YouTube stories. You can also disable YouTube shorts if you are annoyed by short videos on the YouTube app. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. For more helpful Youtube Guides you can click the linke=s below. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at

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