How to download YouTube Shorts video for offline viewing in 2022 (Updated!)

Here is how to download the Youtube shorts video on your mobile and also on your PC. We shared three different methods to easily save youtube short videos to your gallery and view in offline.
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YouTube is one of the best platforms to watch videos of all sorts. From news to gaming, YouTube has it all. However, many people are unaware of the fact that there are also YouTube Shorts for watching short videos on the go. These short clips can be downloaded on smartphones and desktops using the browser or YouTube downloader app.

In this Guide, I am exactly going to show How to download Youtube shorts videos on your mobile phone and on also on your desktop.

How to download YouTube Shorts

1. How to download Youtube shorts on Mobile

How to download YouTube Shorts

There are two ways to download Youtube shorts on your smartphone. The first one is by using an app and the second is by using a website. Both of them are very simple and easy.

1.1 Download Youtube Shorts on mobile using the app

If you are the one who downloads Youtube shorts frequently to view them offline downloading through the app is the recommended step you should follow. It allows you to download a video in a few simple steps every time you want to download a video.

For your reference, I am using New pie of the best apps available to download Youtube videos. If you want you can download the app right from here or visit the best YouTube video downloader app guide and choose the right one for your need. Every app almost works the same.

Once you downloaded any app, install the app and set it up and follow the steps below

  • Open YouTube and go to shorts section.
  • Choose the short video you want to download and copy the link
  • Open YouTube video downloader app and paste the link in the search field
  • Click on download icon on the bottom and choose your quality.
  • The video now will be saved to your phone gallery and available for offline viewing.

This is how you can easily download Youtube shorts using an app on your smartphone. If you don’t want to download any app there is an alternative method that uses the website to download Youtube shorts.

1.2 Download Youtube Shorts using Website on your mobile phone

download Youtube shorts using browser on mobile
download Youtube shorts using the browser on mobile

Downloading Youtube shorts through the website needs a few extra steps. You will also encounter ads and website redirects.

  • Open YouTube and copy the URL of short video you want to download
  • Now open any browser on your smartphone and visit save from YouTube website.
  • Now paste the link you copied and click convert.
  • Choose your format and click download.

2. How to download Youtube shorts from PC

YouTube shorts are not natively available on desktop but there is a simple method to watch them on your P.C.

You can also download them right from your browser just like you would do it on your mobile phone.

  • Open your favourite browser. For reference Iam using Google Chrome.
  • Open YouTube and search shorts and then copy the link of your short video
  • Now paste the link in any YouTube video downloader website and click convert.
  • Now choose your format and click download

If you don’t find the YouTube short video you are exactly looking for on mobile you can copy the link on your mobile phone and share it to your P.C using tools like clipt.

And then paste the link directly into the YouTube downloader website.

So, this is how you can download Youtube Shorts on your mobile and desktop. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at

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