How to Edit Twitter Tweet with This One Trick

Finally, you can edit a tweet on Twitter, but only if you subscribe to Twitter’s blue plan. Not to worry if you do not have a Twitter blue subscription.
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Twitter has finally let users edit tweets, but it is only available to subscribers of the Twitter blue subscription service, which launched in 2021. If you have a blue subscription and would like to edit a tweet on Twitter, this guide is for you. Additionally, we discussed alternative methods for editing tweets if you do not have a Twitter blue subscription.

If you are not a subscriber to Twitter’s blue plan, you are not permitted to edit tweets directly, as mentioned previously. You must edit your tweets on Twitter by copying the original, deleting them, and republishing the revised version.

How to Edit Twitter Tweet

  • Once you added a tweet you can tap on the three-dot menu on the top
  • Now click the edited tweet to edit the tweet you have posted
  • If you are not part of the Twitter blue subscription you can check other helpful Guides listed below

How to delete your existing Twitter Tweet

Keep in mind that once a tweet is deleted, it cannot be restored. If you agree, proceed to the steps below to delete tweets from Twitter.

  • Visit your Profile page.
  • Locate the Tweet you want to delete
  • Click the  icon 
  • Click Delete Tweet.

Copy text of the previous tweet, revise and tweet

Once a tweet is published, it cannot be edited if you do not have a Twitter blue subscription. You’ll need to delete your old Twitter account, which you can learn how to do in the tutorial above. If only minor changes are required, you can copy the tweet text before deleting it. Simply long-press on the tweet and it will be copied.

Once you’ve copied, To create a new tweet, click the plus icon, long press in the space to insert previous text, and edit the tweet as desired. Once you’ve completed this step, you can publish the tweet.

So, this is how you can edit Twitter tweets. Twitter editing tweet is the most requested feature for so long. This might seem to be a simple edit button but it is more of a design challenge for Twitter as stated by Christina Wodtke”, a lecturer in computer science at Stanford University “Everybody thinks it’s very easy to just put in an edit button”. If the user subsequently edits his post to blunt its rough edges. But people have already responded to the content of the initial tweet, making their reactions nonsensical.

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