How To Filter Instagram DMs: Get Rid of the Ones You Don’t Want

While Instagram is mostly a positive platform, there are a few users who use it as a way to bully others. These users often send abusive DMs to their victims. If you receive any inappropriate messages on Instagram, you can automatically filter them out by this simple Guide

What do you do if you’re the subject of abusive DMs on Instagram? This is a question that many users ask themselves. The good news is that Instagram has a way of filtering out abusive DMs, but it’s not a particularly simple process. Here’s how to automatically filter out abusive DMs on Instagram.

How To Filter Instagram DMs

  • Open Instagram go to your profile and Click on settings
  • Go to hidden words section in the settings and toggle the button on
  • When it’s on, offensive messages will be pushed to a separate folder and will be hidden from regular messages.

Instagram says it worked with “leading anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations” to come up with a preset list of offensive phrases. Users can also customize their own list based on what they don’t want to see.

This new tool really comes in handy if you have a public account and receive lots of Direct messages from your followers. According to the report, the new feature will be rolling out to “several countries” in the coming weeks, though it did not specify which countries those are. The company plans to expand to more countries in the next few months.

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