How to hide private photos and videos on Google Photos (New method)

Have you ever wondered how to hide private photos and videos on Google Photos so that only you can access them? with the new method, you can easily hide them

Google has finally announced a new feature in Google Photos that lets users hide private photos and videos using a locked folder directly built into Google Photos app.

We’re also introducing Locked Folder — a passcode-protected space where you can save photos separately, so they won’t show up as you scroll through Google Photos or any other apps on your device” – Google

How to hide private photos and videos on Google Photos

According to Google, Locked Folder will be available first on Google Pixel, and arrive on more Android devices throughout the year. Here is how to set up and use it.

If you don’t want certain people to view your photos on Google Photos, you can hide them. You can hide photos and videos that you don’t want to appear on albums that people can see.

Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone, make sure that you have the latest version of Google photos. Now, Tap on any photo or video you want to hide and click on move to locked folder.Make sure that your device is protected with a password or fingerprint scanner.

How to view photos in locked folder

To view photos in a locked folder, open your Google Photos app and go to the library, and tap on utilities, now you will able to see the new locked folder option. Tap on the locked folder and use your password or fingerprint to unlock and view private photos and videos.

This is the long awaited feature from Google photos. Prevoulsy if you want hide photo you have to archieve it. But now you can directly lock the photos and if you want access them you need to unlock with a passcode. This is very helpful and handy feature for Google Photos users.

Update June 8 2021 : Google photos new locked feature is now rolling out all Google pixel Smartphone users as a part of Google pixel exclusive features. Soon it is going to be available for all users.

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