7 Methods To Keep Your Smartphone From Overheating

Step outside on a hot summer day for just a few minutes and your smartphone is likely to overheat. If you’re experiencing this problem, don’t fret — there are several precautions you can take to ensure that your phone doesn’t overheat so easily the next time you use it outside in the heat. Here are 7 Methods To Keep Your Smartphone From Overheating

How to Keep Your Smartphone from Overheating

Avoid using Smartphone in hot places

image showing warning sign | Smartphone From Overheating

The first thing and most important thing you should do is not to use your smartphone in hot places. It gets hotter when you use your smartphone in high-temperature places. For example: Using your smartphone in direct sunlight increases your smartphone temperature and in summer it’s even worse.

Force Stop unused apps

image : How to stop background running apps via developer options on your smartphone.To find background running apps Go to Settings > Developer Options > Processes (or Settings > System > Developer Options > Running services.)

Background unused apps eat your smartphone memory and increase Battery usage which results in rising in temperature. You can find apps running in the background and force-stop them to save them from overheating.

To find background running apps Go to Settings > Developer Options > Processes (or Settings > System > Developer Options > Running services.)

Know processor history

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The processor on your smartphone also might be the reason behind heating your smartphone. Knowing the history of the processor can answer your question about why is your smartphone is heating. For example, The MediaTek processors were known for heating. Experts say that there is a problem with the MediaTek GPU system, it consumes more power leading to heating up of the phone

It is not in your hand to solve to reduce processor heating issue. Before buying Smartphone you should make sure that your smartphone doesn’t use any processor that was known for heating.

Hardcore Gaming

Best Gaming smartphones
Best Gaming smartphones

Too much gaming also heats up your smartphone. Playing high-end games like PUBG or BGMI, call of duty or other high ram usage and battery-consuming games results in heating your smartphone.

To avoid this, make sure that you don’t play these games for longer periods. Maintaining limited time intervals helps your smartphone to cool down and get back to normal temperature.

Stop using un optimised apps

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If your smartphone is using unoptimized apps or games, puts high pressure on your smartphone performance and battery. This leads to an increase in your smartphone temperature and also results in CPU throttling.

To avoid this circumstance, make sure that the app or game is optimized for your smartphone. Developer often mentions optimized version and unoptimized versions. Make sure you are aware of versions before using.

Check your Battery health and status

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Checking your battery health and condition of your Battery will definitely save your smartphone from heating or even burning. To check your Battery status open the phone and dial *#*#4636#*#*, it opens a “hidden Android menu. Tap on the “battery info” option and know details including charging status, power source, charge level, voltage, and temperature.

If you find any issue, it’s Batter to go to the near offline service center and get fixed as soon as possible.


So, these are the proven steps to reduce your smartphone temperature. If you are facing a Smartphone heating problem, follow these simple steps to avoid overheating problems on your smartphone.