How to preview suspicious pages before opening a link

Here is how to preview pages on browsers. this helps when you are clicking a suspicious links on your browser. Here is simple Guide on How to preview pages before clicking them

Browsers like Google Chrome, safari, edge allows you to preview pages without leaving the current page by opening the link in a preview tab. This feature helps to preview suspicious pages before going into the full page content.

In this Guide , I will help you to preview pages that might help when you are clicking link that are suspicious sometimes.

How to preview pages before opening

  • Open preview supported browsers ( in this case I am using Google Chrome)
  • Long press on the link you want to preview
  • A pop-up menu appears and now tap on the preview page
  • A new floating tab appears on the bottom as a preview tab.
  • You can drag and see preview content and go to the full page if you wish.
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