How to protect Google ‘My Activity’ with Password

Here is How to protect Google ‘My Activity’ with Password. Follow this simple guide to get started with protecting your Google activity.
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Google’s My Activity is a new feature launched by Google recently. It lets you check what you have been doing on Google servers. You can see all the Google products that you have used in the past months and years, like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps. You can view your activity by day, week, or month; and you can also edit, delete, or protect it.

To protect others from accessing Google ‘My Activity’, first head to the ‘My Activity page, and there will be a new option for “Manage My Activity verification.” Upon clicking on it, a prompt will appear where you need to select the “require extra verification” option after submitting your password and confirm.

A more detailed guide is listed below. You can follow and protect your Google ‘My Activity feed with extra security.

How to protect Google ‘My Activity’ with Password

Once you visited your Google account, now visit the data & personalization tab and then the go-to activity and timeline. Upon visiting, Tap on my activity link to go to Google ‘My Activity.

Google gives you the ability to manage all your activity in one place. You can view and edit your activity data, delete it, or download a copy of it. You can manage all your activity data through a web browser by signing into your Google Account at

Once you are in, You will be prompted with a message telling ” add extra verification”. You can click on manage and now verify.

Now you can protect Your Google activity with extra layer of security.

Now, Your Google ‘My Activity’ is protected by extra verification. Everytime if you want to access your activity you need to verify its you.

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