How to remove YouTube end cards Permanently in 2023 (Updated!)

Here is how to remove YouTube end cards permanently on both desktop and mobile phones. These are simple ways to get rid of YouTube end cards.

YouTube end cards are the small messages that pop up at the end of a YouTube video. They may contain information about other videos you might like, or ads for products. There are lots of reasons why someone might want to remove them from their YouTube viewing experience. For example, if you just find them annoying to have at the bottom of the screen, then this guide is for you! Here, are some ways to remove or disable YouTube end cards.

How to remove YouTube end cards

YouTube Vanced, the mod version of YouTube comes with a lot of useful benefits including disabling end screens on any YouTube video you play on your mobile phone. You just need to download and install YouTube vanced app and follow the simple steps listed below.

YouTube end cards help creators to stay engaged with their channels. Mostly they promote their latest videos or most viewed video. But not every time helps. I personally hate YouTube end cards that appear way ahead of the video end.

I have researched and found a very simple trick to disable end cards on YouTube videos on both mobile and desktop.

1. How to disable YouTube end cards on mobile

To permanently remove YouTube end cards you just need to download Youtube Vanced app. Here is the tutorial showing how to download and set up Youtube Vanced app on your mobile phone.

Once you have successfully set up follow these simple steps.

how to remove YouTube end cards
how to remove YouTube end cards
  • Open YouTube Vanced app and go to settings and then Vanced settings and layout settings
  • Once you are in toggle off the end screen option to remove end screens on YouTube videos.
  • This works on all videos. If you are interested you can also play with other settings but be careful.
how to remove YouTube end cards
how to remove YouTube end cards

This method also works on tablets and other foldable smartphones. All you need is to install YouTube vanced app and follow the steps listed above.

2. How to disable YouTube end cards on the Desktop

There is no direct approach to removing YouTube end cards on the desktop. You need to install an extension and add two lines of code to permanently get rid of YouTube end screens. Trust me it’s easy.

  • First off, open Google Chrome or any browser that supports extensions on your desktop.
  • Install uBlock Origin, after a lot of research I found this to be more effective.

Before moving on to the next step I just want to tell you how it actually works. uBlock Origin is an ad blocker it helps you to get rid of ads on any website and also has support for other features like adding custom code to do custom things. Ok that’s enough let’s get back to the steps

  • Now visit and click on the extension icon.
  • This will open the uBlock Origin dashboard. Now click on settings Then go to the My filters tab and add the following rule in the text editor



  • Then click on Apply changes

So, this is how you can get rid of end cards on YouTube on mobile and also on desktop. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at For more amazing tutorials you can click the links below.

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