How to Save Instagram stories with music (Updated!)

Here is a quick and easy tutorial o How to save Instagram Stories with music into your gallery.

Instagram stories are really popular similar to Snapchat stories, stories on Instagram last for 24 hours. People on Instagram use stories to share something real quick in the form of video or photo or with just a simple text. To view someone’s story, just tap on their profile photo or circular items that appear on the top of the home feed.

Instagram recently announced the addition of music which you can simply add music to your story using a sticker that you can select from the list of stickers that are already available on the platform. There are so many methods used to save Instagram stories, but none of them are able to download music along with the story users posted.

If you are looking to save Instagram stories along with the music I have shared two new latest methods that can be used on both smartphones and also on your PC. Without any delay, let’s get started.

How to Save Instagram stories with music

1. Using an app

If you frequently download Instagram stories then having an app is the best option and reduces the steps in saving the Instagram stories to your gallery. There are several apps out there but for the sake of this post, I am using Instagram story saver. You can download the app from here. Once you download and Installed follow the steps listed below.

Save Instagram stories with music
  • Open the Insta saver app on your smartphone app on your smartphone
  • If you want to save using a link, You can open the Instagram app on your smartphone and copy the link of the story you want to download.
  • Or else Go to the Story saver section on the Insta story saver app and log in with your Instagram Credentials. Now you can see the list of accounts you follow with stories.
  • Keep note that you can only save stories from public accounts and the accounts you are followed by.
  • Open the profile and tap on Save to save the Instagram story into your gallery.

Using website

Using websites is for people who occasionally save Instagram stories. Compared to the app, you need to follow a few extra steps in order to download the stories into your gallery. If you are on the desktop you have no better option than using this method since direct apps are not allowed.

  • Open Instagram on your smartphone and copy the link to the story you want to download. To copy the link tap on the three-dot menu on the right and select the copy the link option
  • Once you copied the link, share it on your desktop. You can use tools like Clipt to easily share files between devices
  • Go to Download Instagram Stories and Highlights –
  • Paste the selected link into the input
  • Click on Download!
  • Now the video plays in the default video player, click on the three dot menu and click on download to download the video into your galley.

So, this is how you can save Instagram stories with music. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at For more helpful guides you can click the links below.

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