How to share song lyrics to Instagram stories and WhatsApp status

Here is how to share song lyrics to Instagram and whatsapp status. follow this simple guide to get started on how to share songs lyrics

More and more people are opting for sharing the current mood they are in the form of whatsapp status or Instagram stories, Today let’s make it even better with song lyrics.

Before that I need you to download Spotify music app or apple music app or any other music apps that lets you to share lyrics to Instagram stories and WhatsApp status. I recommend you to go with Spotify as it offers smooth and easy way to share song lyrics on social media.

How to share song lyrics to Instagram stories

  • Go to Spotify app
  • Search the song you want to share lyrics ( keep in mind that some songs might not contain lyrics which you are not supposed to share )
  • Tap on lyrics and click on share button which is present in the bottom right corner.
  • Share your story to Instagram stories with 5 lines which makes it more attractive.
  • If you want you can add songs to for more feel.

How to share Song lyrics to your whatsapp status

  • There is no direct way to share song lyrics directly to your whatsapp status but you can do it in couple of steps.
  • If you are an active Instagram user you can share lyrics to your Instagram story as above mentioned .
  • You can download it from Instagram stories and upload it to whatsapp status. ( Note : Audio will not be added )
  • Or you can use third party apps to generate lyrics and share on whatsapp.
  • I would prefer the first method
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