Spotify Mixes: How to enjoy more personalized music on Spotify

Spotify Mixes: Here is How to get started with Spotify Mixes a new family of personalized playlists. How to enjoy more personalized music on Spotify

Spotify has announced a new feature called Spotify Mixes a new family of personalized playlists. These mixes, built with you in mind, start with the songs you like and update with songs Spotify thinks you’ll love. Spotify is rolling out starting today to Spotify users globally.

“There isn’t just one Spotify experience. There are actually more like 345 million different Spotify experiences—one for each listener. Every day, half a trillion events—whether they are searches, listens, likes, or countless other actions—take place on Spotify, powering and guiding our machine learning system. This gives us the ability to drive discovery in a way that audio has never seen before.”

Spotify’s Chief R&D Officer

Highlights of Spotify Mix

  • Each mix is created with you at the core, based on your listening habits and the artists, genres, and decades you listen to most. They’re rooted in familiarity, meaning that you won’t just hear your favorite artists, but your favorite songs from those artists.
  • Then, Spotify supplements by adding in songs we think you’ll love, meaning they’ll be filled with the music you have on repeat alongside some fresh picks. So whether you want to jam out to a specific artist or hear more music from another decade, there’s a mix just for you.
  • Finally, each mix updates frequently, so the possibilities are endless and there’s always something new to discover. They’re designed to grow with you over time, so they’ll take your listening into account to help you discover and dive deeper into your new favorite artist, genre, or decade.

How to use Spotify Mixes

Spotify Mixes
Image by Vinron | new Spotify Mixes

Spotify Mixes is available for Free and Premium users globally. Here is how to get more personalized song recommendations.

  • Open Spotify app
  • In the home feed you will find made for you tab That shows your daily mixes
  • Click on the mix and start listening

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