How to watch Netflix for free on weekends

Netflix is offering free access to watch T.V shows and web series for free on weekends starting from India. Here is how to watch Netflix for free on weekends. Follow these simple steps to get started

Netflix India announced that the company is going to offer free access to its T.V shows and series for free on weekends. The new plan will begin with India and reach global markets over time, Netflix Chief Product Officer Greg Peters revealed during the company’s earnings call on Tuesday.

Netflix earlier offered a 30-day free trial to let new users test its service and watch a few Web series before going for its subscription. However, this trial subscription offer appears to have been removed in India and Globally.

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How to watch Netflix for free on weekends

  • According to the report from Protocol, a recent version of the company’s Android app includes mentions of a promotional event called StreamFest that’s scheduled for Dec. 4
  • From December 4 or might begin early , users have to install Netflix app and have to sign up with their account.
  • Now users will able to stream shows without paying for subscription.

“We’re always looking at different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience,” says Netflix.

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