List of LG smartphones under explorer project

Here is every smartphone launched under LG explorer project.

LG announces a new explorer project to provide new mobile categories aimed at discovering new ways to interact with mobile devices, focusing on the evolving and ever-changing needs of today’s consumers and challenging established user norms. As a part of the new project, LG announces the LG wing smartphone which is quite impressive and teases Another smartphone with a slide-out display. Here is everything you should know about LG smartphones under the explorer project.

LG teases an extendable slide-out display for its next Explorer Project phone

LG explorer project | Video by LG

The teaser offers just a brief shot of the side of the phone expanding out and sliding back before it lights up and a “hold your breath” catchphrase appears followed by the LG Explorer Project logo. Sliding phones aren’t a new idea, with ZTE already teasing a prototype earlier this year .

LG announces new wing smartphone

  • This is LG wing : The Tetris smartphone with promising use cases

As a part of LG explorer LG announces new wing smartphone thta has two display that slides 90° to form a Tetris shape. You can know more information about LG wing smartphone here. Instead of folding out for two full-size (or one flexible) panels side by side, the Wing’s main display twists around and up to reveal the second screen, in a shape that looks a lot like a Tetris T-block.

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