Mi trimmer vs Mi trimmer 1c: Full comparison

Here is the full comparision between Mi trimmer and Mi Trimmer 1C , Which one you should you buy in India right now
Mi trimmer vs Mi trimmer 1c
Mi trimmer vs Mi trimmer 1c

Xiaomi announced its new Mi trimmer 1C in India cheaper version of the Mi trimmer launched in India last year. Both the trimmers look almost identical to the build and look exactly the same. In this article let us compare the key differences between Mi trimmer vs Mi trimmer 1C and also know which one is best for you to buy.

Specifications of Mi trimmer 1C and Mi trimmer

Mi Trimmer 1c

image showing Mi Trimmer 1C
image Mi Trimmer 1C
  • A self-sharpening blade with 0.5mm precision-scratching teeth offers more comfort
  • 1 beard comb
  • 20 length settings with 0.5mm precision to ensure accurate and even cuts
  • The travel lock function keeps the trimmer from switching on unintentionally
  • LED battery indicator shows how much battery is left
  • Micro USB port lets you charge it with a standard USB charger, even from a laptop or power bank.
  • 600mAh battery, 2 hours of charging offers up to 60 minutes of usage

Mi Trimmer

image showing Mi Trimmer
image Mi Trimmer
  • Rounded stainless steel blades for skin-friendly performance,
  • Advanced self-sharpening6000 oscillations per min delivering accurate cuts and even shape
  • Non-scratching teeth offer more comfort
  • 2 beard combs
  • Range of length settings: 0.5 up to 20 mm; No of length settings: 40; Cutter width: 30 mm
  • Ergonomic design is easy to hold and handle. The sturdy grip allows you to reach tough spots effortlessly.
  • The travel lock function keeps the trimmer from switching on unintentionally
  • Waterproof (IPX7), can withstand submersion in
  • water for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes making it fully washable.
  • 2 hours of charging offers up to 90 minutes of usage, 10min use on a 5min charge, can be used with a cord as well

Mi trimmer vs Mi trimmer 1c


Both the trimmers look exactly the same in terms of look with similar knob length settings button, same LED light notifications. The only difference in Design is mi trimmer 1C comes side-mounted charging port ( micro USB ) and mi trimmer comes with regular two-pin charging ports located in the bottom. You will notice Mi trimmer 1C looks thin and sleek compared to mi trimmer which isn’t a big difference according to my opinion. Overall the design of both trimmers looks great.


Talking about the experience both the trimmers perform great. Both the mi trimmer 1C and Mi trimmer comes with self-sharpening blades, offering smooth trimming experience, good grip while trimming, and more. The only con with the Mi trimmer1C is that the length settings were not Good, you can’t really make hair shapes with this trimmer because it automatically falls to 0 length settings when you press hard while trimming which results in clean shave.

The Mi trimmer comes with an IP water rating in which you can directly wash the trimmer under the tap water and mi trimmer 1C doesn’t come with any IP rating, you should manually clean the trimmer with the brush provided in the box.

Talking about the charging speed and battery performance, both the Trimmers offers around 60 – 70 min of use after 2 hr charging. Charging Mi trimmer 1C is very convenient because it offers micro USB which you can charge it from your power bank or Laptop easily where Mi trimmer has two pins charging port in which you have to carry and separate charging cable to charge these devices.

Which one should you buy

If you looking for a budget trimmer for a clean shave you can go for Mi Trimmer 1C or if you looking to style your hair with different length settings you should definitely go for Mi Trimmer.

FeaturesMi Trimmer 1C Mi Beard Trimmer
Battery Backup60 Min90 Min
ChargingFull charge in 2HrFull charge in 2Hr
Number of CombOne (Normal)Two (Normal + Long Beard)
Length Range0.5mm to 10mm0.5mm to 20mm
UsageCordless OnlyCordless + Corded
Travel SafetyYesYes
Water ResistanceNo water resistanceIPX7 water resistance

Buy Mi Trimmer

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Buy Mi Trimmer 1C ( Budget )

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Frequently asked questions

is mi trimmer available offline?

Yes both the mi Trimmers are available offline through mi retail stores – the pricing might be higher than online pricing

can mi trimmer be used for hair cut?

Original mi trimmer can be used for hair cut but mi Trimmer 1C can be used for clean shave because of limited length settings

which mi trimmer is best

Mi Trimmer is one of the best Trimmers in India you can buy under 1000 rupees. If you are looking to buy other alternatives you can check the best Trimmers to buy under 1000,500 rupees in India.

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