Now Microsoft Bing offers Question-Answering Feature to 100+ Languages

Microsoft Bing similar to Google search engines now offers Question-Answering Feature to 100+ Languages. Now you can simply submit your question on the address bar, Microsoft bing will offer you a quick byte based on a website that is more reliable on your preferred language.

microsoft search bing

Microsoft says Intelligent question-answering is one of the most useful and delightful features of the search. As a user, you ask a question (e.g., “what are the benefits of eating apricots”) and can get the answer directly (e.g., info about health and nutrition benefits of apricots) at the top of the page without further need to search for relevant content by yourself. The feature aims to direct users to the most concise and precise answers from web documents, thus saving users time and effort.  

Here are search results in different languages for “what are the benefits of eating apricots”:
Example 1 – { what are the benefits of eating apricots }
Example 2 – { hva er fordelene med å spise aprikoser }
Example 3 – { какие витамины есть в абрикосе }
Example 4 – { kayısı yemenin faydaları nelerdir }
Example 5 – { خوبانی کھانے کے کیا فوائد ہیں؟ }
Example 6 – { నేరేడు పండు తినడం వల్ల కలిగే ప్రయోజనాలు ఏమిటి }