October 5: Steve Jobs Passes Away

On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs, the technology innovator and creator of Apple Computer, has died after a protracted battle with pancreatic cancer. Jobs have made incalculable contributions to the IT industry. With the Apple II computer, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched the personal computer revolution. Jobs went on to start NeXT, Inc. and then purchase Pixar, the business that would reinvent the animated motion picture industry, after being thrown out of Apple. Jobs returned to Apple after Apple purchased NeXT in 1997, and the technology produced at NeXT was utilized as the cornerstone for Apple’s future operating systems, Mac OS X and iOS. By releasing the iPhone and iPad, Steve put an end to the PC era he established, ushered in The New World of Technology, and propelled Apple from the brink of bankruptcy to the world’s most valuable firm.

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