what are drivers in earphones, Headphones ?

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Rameshreddy Staff asked 3 months ago
A driver is a component that turns electrical energy into audible energy. Different types of drivers are currently available on the market. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Dynamic drivers

Consumer headphones generally use dynamic drivers. Why? Because they are a cheap option. A neodymium magnet provides a static magnetic field. This interacts with the voice coil’s electrical current, which is forced to move in response to the applied signal. The voice coil is connected to a diaphragm that acoustically amplifies vibrations and so produces sound waves.

Planar magnetic drivers

Planar magnetic drivers use a 2D pattern of conductors attached to or embedded in a film-like diaphragm that may be made very flat. The sound Produced from Planar magnetic is Less distorted, has Better sound reproduction and they are pricer

Electrostatic drivers

Electrostatics works differently than the other dynamic technologies covered so far. When audio signals are applied across the plates, the entire film membrane vibrates back and forth due to electrical attraction and repulsion. The sound produced is highly Sensitive and True. These are really expensive.