List of All Operating Systems Running on Smartwatches

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Rameshreddy Staff asked 3 months ago
Smartwatches have been around for decades, but they’re finally becoming a fashion staple in the tech world. Although the early models resembled a calculator on a wrist, today’s wearables are sleek and slim. They can track your calories, monitor your sleep, and sync with your phone to receive text messages. But what type of operating system do they use?
Apple watch OS and wear OS is the most popular operating form for watches at this time. Other operating systems include Tizen by Samsung and Pebble OS by Pebble Technology Corporation. In addition, watchmakers such as Casio use their own proprietary OSs. Click here to find out more details about these different operating systems used in smartwatches.

List of All Operating Systems Running on Smartwatches

1. Apple Watch OS

Apple watch OS is the most popular and one of the best OS that is made for apple watches. The latest Generation of apple watch OS is Watch OS 8 which comes with a couple of improvements over Apple Watch OS 7.

2. Wear OS

Recently Google and Samsung revealed that they are integrating Wear OS, Google’s operating system, and Tizen, Samsung’s long-standing software platform for wearables. The resulting platform is now called “Wear,” although that may not be the final name. The new unified Wear OS doesn’t support iOS.


3. Fitbit OS

Fitbit is a popular player in the wear industry and it is acquired by Google for $2.1 billion.

The Fitbit watch runs on its own Fitbit OS, Fitbit confirmed they’ll be bringing “premium smartwatches” to Wear OS.

So, those are the list of popular Watch OS that is in the market right now. Honestly, the Apple Watch OS is the best option to choose if you can afford it. The wear OS is also getting better and the Fitbit is already better.