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Future ARM CPUs will drop support for 32-bit apps

This announcement was made by Paul Williamson, VP and GM of Client Business at ARM, at an ARM DevSummit keynote. The news announcement means there will be no hardware support for old 32-bit applications in the future.majority of apps, however. This isn’t a big concern because majority of apps already shifted to 64 bit architecture.

Qualcomm to reportedly partner with Asus for making its own gaming smartphone

Qualcomm is partnering with asus to create its own gaming smartphone. The new gaming phone will reportedly be co-developed by Asus. This might help Qualcomm to show how much power it can deliver to smartphones.

Intel Confirms Rocket Lake on Desktop for Q1 2021, with PCIe 4.0

  • In a blog post on Medium today, Intel’s John Bonini has confirmed that the company will be launching its next-generation desktop platform in Q1 2021. This is confirmed as Rocket Lake, presumably under Intel’s 11th Gen Core branding, and will feature PCIe 4.0 support. 
  • The blog post doesn’t go into any further detail about Rocket Lake

Slack launches new stories

Slack popular productive and teamwork platform is testing new stories similar to Snapchat and Instagram stories but will not disappear after 24 hours. It said this content will not disappear after 24 hours, unlike the stories we see on Instagram and Facebook, and could be posted on any channel or DM to give all other members of the team a quick message without hosting a full-fledged video-conference session.

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Paytm Game app is back on Google Play Store

Paytm First Games is back on Google Play two weeks after the app was pulled alongside the Paytm app. On September 18, Google had pulled the Paytm and Paytm First Games apps from the Play store. Now Paytm first games app doesn’t ask for real cash but has a bonus account that adds bonuses from previous bids.

Samsung Galaxy M31 launching in India soon

Samsung has started teasing the launch of new Galaxy M31 Prime smartphone in India. The launch event is still unknown and might announce during Amazon great Indian sale.

Xiaomi to launch Redmi Soundbar in India soon

Redmi will launch its own soundbar in India soon.This could be the Redmi TV Soundbar that was launched in China in May. Redmi TV Soundbar price is set at RMB 199 (approx Rs 2,100) in China

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