5 Good things I learned from Covid19

Here are 5 Good things I learned from Covid19. Every thing in the world will teach you something. Here are 5 Good lessons you should learn from Covid19.

First things first, it sounds crazy to be talking about good things about Corona Virus. You are right. This Corona Virus sucks it is dangerous, it’s horrible for anyone who gets it. Scary for anyone who is on the vulnerable list and sad for poor people. But everything in the world will teach you something. So here 5 Good things I learned from Covid19.

5 Good things I learned from Covid19

Little things matter a lot

Yes, have you ever thought of going out without a mask and not worried about the virus and have little talks with other people, well it’s a little thing before the coronavirus existed, but now it matters a lot. Not only time spending with others and also the little amount of money you saved for the future is also matters. So, thanks to Coronavirus for making little things matter a lot.

Depending on internet

Finally, the internet is booming in India, No I am not talking about the count of social media users in India, I am talking about how people are making use of the greatest discovery internet. Students are studying online, people taking fitness classes online for totally free of cost, and more. Governments in India also depending on the internet and making things easier. Thanks to Coronavirus for booming the usage of Good internet.

Healthy living – Healthy life

Being healthy is not for only people who wish to have it, it for everyone. COVID 19 wouldn’t be this concern if everybody is healthy. Yes, and that damm true. Exercise is the biggest task of my life, But now it’s part of my life, it hard to exercise but eventually I got used to exercising every morning.

Free Online education

Have you ever thought of going to Harvard University and completing a specific course that you wished for? You have to spend a lot of money and live out of your comfort zone to get there, but not anymore. Now you can study anything online, you can pick the best courses from top-notch Universities around the college and complete your course. I am not saying it brings full experience being physically at Harvard, but hey at least you learned course from Harvard or any other University you wish for totally free of cost.


Experience is one of the best things you can gain. We all now have the experience of new Coronavirus and how a little virus can change the world and the ability of our medical systems and how government should respond and get ready for future pandemics. With all this experience let’s get ready for future pandemics.

New life – New Beginnings

Finally, let’s start a new life, maybe not all of us but most of us, the coronavirus has taught some life-changing lessons to all of us. Seeing things will be very different in near future. Life will be life before Coronavirus and after Coronavirus.

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