Top 5 best sources to learn anything for free online in 2021 (Updated!)

Here is the list of best sources to learn anything for free online. List of best websites, Apps, Youtube channels, Blogs and more.

Learning will increase your knowledge, and one of the most popular learning resources available today is the internet. The internet wields tremendous power capable of converting any room into a classroom. Almost anyone, anywhere, can tap into this boundless power and learn something new. Today in this post I have listed our Top sources on the internet to learn anything for absolutely free

5 best sources to learn anything for free online

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1. Free course websites

There are tons of websites that provide education and share knowledge for free. The quality of courses this offer is one of the best in the world. All courses contain pre-recorded video lectures that you can watch when it is convenient for you. You can browse various subjects like Computer science, language, data science, engineering, and more to learn anything for free.

List of free education websites

2. Apps

Apps are also another best source for learning anything for free online. Unlike websites, apps give you a more personalized experience of learning anything. Thankfully most of the high-quality free education providers are also available as apps. In the below. I have listed some of the best apps you can download and start learning anything for free right now.

Best Free apps to learn for free

3. Blogs

Blogs are one of the most underrated learning platforms that helps you to learn anything for free. We have different types of blogs including personal and company’s own resource blogs.

If you want to learn a specific subject, then learn from the market leader. For example, Amazon AWS is the Market leader of cloud computing and provides free courses for the people who are willing to be a part of cloud computing.

4. YouTube

Image showing the logo of Youtube

YouTube is another most popular and best source for learning anything online. The best thing about YouTube is the option we have. You can learn almost anything from YouTube. We have channels like a crash course, free code camp, audacity, and more to learn free from Youtube.

List of free learning Youtube channels

SmarterEveryDay – To teach you something new every day!
National Geographic | Science, Exploration And Adventure
CrashCourse | Educational Videos
minutephysics | Cool Science Videos
Vox – Explain the news
Khan academy
History channel | Documentary Programs And Historical Fiction Series
The Backyard Scientist
Animal Planet
Amazing Space | Space Videos
Discovery Networks – Grab life by the globe!
RealLifeLore – the greatest stories influencing our world today
vlogbrothers | Educational Youtubers
Its okay to be smart
Science Channel | Science Videos
Big think – Get smarter, faster, for success in the knowledge economy
MIT OpenCourseWare
JamesESL – If you TRY, you can do anything!
Today I Found Out – Feed Your Brain
Smart Learning for All | Learning YouTube Channel
PBS Space Time
T-Series Kids Hut | Kids Learning Rhymes
Computerphile | YouTube Channel for Learning Computer Science
Physics Girl | Female Science Youtuber
CANVAS classes | Educational YouTube Channel in India
Periodic videos | Periodic Table Channel
The Organic Chemistry Tutor
Deep Look
Mental Floss
Math Antics
Stanford University
tecmath | Math Videos
Bozeman Science – Educational consultant and YouTuber
Don’t Memorise | Indian Educational YouTube Channel
Incredible Science | Cool Science Experiment YouTube Channel
ExamFear Education – Largest Free Learning Platform in India
Sixty Symbols
Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
Organic Learning – Educational Videos for Kids
Joe Scott
Domain of Science
Mathologer – Enter the world of the Mathologer in which beautiful math(s) rules
Isaac Arthur – I look at Science and Futurism Concepts
Sick Science!
Philosophy Tube | Philosophical YouTube Channel
the brain scoop
Astrum | YouTube
The Art Assignment | Art Videos
Gross Science
L & T – Learning Technology | Civil Engineering YouTube Channel
PBS Infinite Series
Fraser Cain
Great Learning
John Michael Godier
AnimalWonders Montana
New Scientist
Step-by-Step Science – Physics, Chemistry and Math All Simply Explained
BSI Academy
MyWhyU | Animated Educational YouTube Channel
The Bad Astronomer
Above The Noise
Educational Documentary
The Brainshow
Minecraft: Education Edition
Oxford Education
mr sai mun
NutSpace EdTech
Kelvin Academy
Quest For Education
ASME Engineers
BOOST Collaborative
Bachelor of Education
Passionate Learning
kizzyklicks Tv
Microsoft Education
Jainy Tutorial pharmacy
Effective Learning
Vi Hart
Thought Café
Looking Glass Universe
BBC Earth Unplugged
medical video educational
BBC Earth Lab
Math Meeting
Welch Labs | Learning Videos

5. Social media sites

Social Media Post

Using social media is waste of time. I totally agree with that but social media has also some gems who are constantly working to educate people. You can follow some of the people and pages on social media and learn the specific subject and their views on subjects.

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