Top online Electronic shopping sites in India (Updated!)

Here is the list of Top online Electronic shopping sites in India. Shop from the best sites

Online shopping numbers increased drastically in recent years and most of the numbers came from electronics. More and more people are buying electronics online due to the wide selection of choices and flexibility. In this guide, we are going to look at the five best electronic shopping sites in India to shop for electronics online.

Top online Electronic shopping sites in India

1. Amazon

Amazon India has always been a go-to place for people looking to buy new electronics. Thanks to the best customer experience and faster delivery timelines Amazon quickly gained the top spot in the electronic shopping sites in India.

On Amazon, you can find different electronic item categories like Mobile phones, Laptops, ACs, Washing machines, Smart home gadgets, and more.

Thanks to its huge network of delivery systems, Amazon is able to deliver the electronics faster than expected. There is also a prime option in which you can get extra benefits by paying monthly or yearly.

The product tracking system is also good. You can track where the product is directly from the orders.

The only thing I dislike on Amazon is the pricing. Compared to Flipkart the electronic prices are a little high but I can tradeoff it off for a Better Experience.

Talking about the return and cancellations, you can simply cancel the product at any moment by simply going to orders and canceling the order. Returning is also easy. You can view our quick tutorial on How to return on Amazon for more details.


2. Flipkart

image showing flipkart logo

Flipkart used to be the go-to platform for electronic shopping in India. But Slowly the customer experience on the platform is degraded. Also pointed out by the top tech reviewers in India. But still, Flipkart has many electronic exclusive launches when compared to Amazon.

The best thing I like about Flipkart is the pricing. Compared to other electronic commerce stores Flipkart generally offers low prices for its products and sometimes it even offers unbelievable discounts on products (I am not taking the brand behind product consideration)

On Flipkart, you can order different categories of products including Mobile phones, Laptops, ACs, Washing machines, Smart home gadgets, and more.

The delivery experience of Flipkart is Media core. Sometimes it takes way longer than expected and there are situations where the products are also canceled without an explanation.

Talking about the cancellation and returning just like Amazon you can easily return products. For even more information you can view our full guide on How to return your product on Flipkart.

3. Tatacliq

The next most popular electronic store in India is Tatacliq. This site is not popular as other sites like Amazon Flipkart due to no exclusive launches and mentions by brands. But I do have very good experience from the site.

Similar to other sites, tata Cliq has a wide variety of elections available. You can simply go to the online store and order electronic items the right way. The prices are very comparable with Amazon and Flipkart.

The delivery and tracking experience is good but not as good as Amazon. It takes a little longer to arrive at your doorstep.

4. Reliance Digital

You might have already heard about Reliance digital if you shop electronics offline. Reliance Digital has the biggest offline network in India found in almost all tier-one cities. Reliance digital is also available online where you can shop for gadgets just like you do on other sites.

The flexibility of having both huge offline and online networks is the ability to order online and pick offline. You can place the order online and choose the option of pick at the store while placing the order. It helps you to quickly get your device from the nearest store.

5. Croma

Chrome is another popular platform for shopping for gadgets online in India. Just like a reliance on digital stores, chrome has a huge network of both office and online services. You can place the order and choose the option to pick at the store while placing the order.

Chroma also has some exclusive launches from different brands. The experience was good. I recently ordered a OnePlus 9 pro and it was delivered within 2 hours ( location: Vishakapatnam).

So, this is the list of best electronic shopping sites in India. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at For more helpful guides you can click the links below.

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