Twitter Hack 2020: Everything you should know about a Bitcoin scam

On 15th July,2020 there is a news all around the internet about Twitter hack. Some high profiles like Apple, Elon Musk and Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian West, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Wiz Khalifa, Warren Buffett, YouTuber MrBeast, Wendy’s, Uber, CashApp and Mike Bloomberg accounts were compromised including leading cryptocurrency sites and posted a message promoting the address of a bitcoin wallet with the claim that the amount of any payments made to the address would be doubled and sent back.

Here is the list of Tweets are part of 2020 Twitter scam

Twitter released a statement saying they were “aware of a security incident impacting accounts on Twitter”, and that they were “taking steps to fix it”.Shortly afterward, it disabled the ability for some accounts to tweet, or to reset their password; Twitter has not confirmed which accounts were restricted, but many users with accounts Twitter had marked as “verified” confirmed that they were unable to tweet.

Within the first hours of the attack, people were duped into sending about 12.86252016 BTC ( 1,18,254.15 United States Dollar – 88,82,649 rupees ) – You can visit here to know the current amount transaction.

How hacker did this

It was reported hackers gained access to an internal Twitter tool used for account management. Twitter also confirms this statement via the Twitter support page. The Twitter accounts were taken over using an internal tool at Twitter, according to the sources, as well as screenshots of the tool obtained, One of the screenshots shows the panel and the account of Binance; Binance is one of the accounts that hackers took over.

About Hacker

A person involved in the underground hacking scene told TechCrunch that a hacker, who goes by the handle “Kirk” — which likely not their real name — generated over $100,000 in the matter of hours by gaining access to an internal Twitter tool.

Within an hour of the breach, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley wrote a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asking for more information about the hack, including how the hack occurred, how many users were compromised, and whether the hack affected President Trump’s account. Hawley said, “please reach out immediately to the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and take any necessary measures to secure the site before this breach expands.”

awaiting for Twitter response and more updates will be added


Twitter reveals that its own employee tools contributed to unprecedented hack.

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