USB data Speed Transfer Rate Table (Updated!)

USB is a common technology for data transfer. You may have used it with a phone or a camera. USB can also be used to charge devices, as well as connect to a computer. USB has been around for more than 20 years and is being actively developed today. Here, are some of the most current USB data speeds and what they mean for you.

The speed of data transfer is an essential factor to consider when choosing a USB drive. When it comes to how much data you can transfer in a given amount of time, the speed of the transfer rate is often listed in megabytes gigabytes, or kilobytes per second.
This article will go over the various speeds and help you to determine which one you need for your device.

Table showing USB versions and Data Transfer Speed rate

wdt_IDUSB GenerationSpeed (in KBPS)
1USB 1.01500
2USB 1.112000
3USB 2.0480000
4USB 3.0625000
5USB 3.11250000
63.2 Gen 2x22500000
7USB 4.05000000
8USB4 version 2.080000000

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