USB data Speed Transfer Rate Table (Updated!)

The speed of data transfer is an essential factor to consider when choosing a USB drive. When it comes to how much data you can transfer in a given amount of time, the speed of the transfer rate is often listed in megabytes gigabytes or kilobytes per second.
This article will go over the various speeds and help you to determine which one you need for your device.

Table showing USB verisons and Data Tranfer Speed rate

wdt_ID USB Generation Speed (in KBPS)
1 USB 1.0 1500
2 USB 1.1 12000
3 USB 2.0 480000
4 USB 3.0 625000
5 USB 3.1 1250000
6 3.2 Gen 2x2 2500000
7 USB 4.0 5000000