What is Google Gravity? How to visit in 2022

Google Gravity is a popular fun website where you can simply visit and play with all the elements that have Google home research resemblance. Here is how to visit the site and have fun

Google Gravity is a fun and experimental project where all the contents fall down right after you visited the site thank to gravity. There is also another version where all elements of the site will lose gravity and float on the top

If you are bored on the internet, Google Gravity is one of the best websites to visit and have fun. It’s simple to visit and easy to play with. You can follow the step by step procedure to visit the Google Gravity/Space website and have fun

How to access Google Gravity?

There are several different ways to visit Google Gravity. You can directly visit by going to Google Gravity URL and typing Google Gravity in the search bar and tapping on the I am feeling lucky button right below the search bar.

  • Step 2: Now click on Google Gravity link to visit Google Gravity website
Google Gravity
  • Step 3: Thats it now you are in Google gravity website, You can do play with all the elemenst and have fun
  • Step 4: You can also visit space website, Opposite to Google Gravity where elements go up just like things float in Space

Video demo of Google Gravity website

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