5 Best Whatsapp status download Apps For Android (Updated!)

5 Best Whatsapp Status saver apps for android. Carefully selected by keeping all types of users in mind.
image showing whatsapp logo
image showing whatsapp logo

We already shared a detailed tutorial on how to save WhatsApp status without using any third-party app. It might be a little tedious process for some people. Thankfully there are plenty of apps are available for Android that help you to save WhatsApp status without needing to go through multiple steps.

In this guide, we are going to look at how to save WhatsApp status using an app and also the best WhatsApp status saver apps available in the market right now.

Best Whatsapp status download Apps For Android

1. Status, Sticker Saver

Status saver is a simple and minimal app that lets you easily save WhatsApp status to your gallery. The app is quite easy to use. Simply open the app and it will display all of the WhatsApp Statuses that have been shared by your contacts. You may now view each contact by tapping on it. The app includes integrated photo and video players.

Additionally, you can repost a status that you enjoy without saving it to your smartphone. Simply touch the share button and it will be uploaded to your WhatsApp status.

  • Multi Save, Delete, Repost / Share,
  • Easy Repost without Saving,
  • Easy & Fast Saving,
  • Built in Image Viewer & Video Player,
  • Hundred & Thousands of Stickers for Social Sharing!
  • Easy Navigation!

Download: Android

2. YourStatus: Status Saver App

Your Status app is another easy and simple WhatsApp status saver application that functions identically to the previously mentioned WhatsApp Status saver application. Similarly, you may just launch the app and check the Statuses that your friends have uploaded. To repost a Status, simply touch on the share button without saving it to your gallery.

  • Save directly to mobile gallery
  • Quick Sharing on whatsapp & other apps
  • Almost zero ads
  • One click status downloader
  • 100% Free status saver app
  • WA Business Status saver 2021
  • Simple. easy user interface

Download: Android

SaamZasu’s status save to the gallery is the ideal option for those looking for additional customization. The app includes built-in features such as the ability to change the folders used to keep statuses, automatic swipe between all statuses, the ability to set your favorite status as your phone’s wallpaper, and more.

  • View All Statuses, Normal Statuses, Business Statuses.
  • Save all statuses, Save selected statuses.
  • Repost status even without save it, Set picture status as wallpaper and profile photo.
  • Share status on social media, Delete unwanted statuses.
  • Manage all saved statuses by sharing or deleting them.
  • Saving folder can be change from settings.
  • Delete option can be enable or disable from settings.
  • Saved statuses showing them in app can be enable or disable.
  • Built-in media player to play videos.
  • Automatic Swipe between all statuses when open on a status.
  • User Guide on Every page for user help.
  • Easy Navigation.
  • Multi Save, Delete.
  • Easy & Fast Saving.

Download: Android

4. Status Saver: WA Business & WA

The status saver is ideal for those seeking simple navigation. It has a straightforward user interface. You can choose between ordinary WhatsApp and Bussiness WhatsApp directly from the home screen. And directly below that is the “saved WhatsApp Status” button, which you may tap to check your smartphone’s recently stored WhatsApp status.

Additionally, the software allows you to save several WhatsApp statuses and upload them directly to your WhatsApp Status without having to save them to your device. The app also claims to be more compact than other famous WhatsApp Status saver apps. When I checked, the app’s size was approximately 6.6 MB, which is somewhat larger than Status saver to the gallery, which is approximately 5.6 MB in size.

  • Amazing user interface easy to use.
  • Easily save status and share it with friends.
  • Download Video Statuses with in few clicks.
  • Save Stories to your internal storage.
  • Save Stories to Gallery.
  • Offline status saver & story saver free app.
  • Low space consuming relative to most of the status saver apps.
  • Free available on Google play.
  • Very few Ads that makes it nearly Ads free

Download: Android

5. Save Video Status for WhatsApp

If you’re looking for a WhatsApp saver app that also includes features like the ability to restore deleted messages, photos, and videos, this is the app for you. Additionally, the app enables you to download several Statuses, see them straight from the app, and do other functions.

  • Free Status Images & video download app.
  • Save, Repost, Share, and Delete Multi Statuses.
  • Quick & Easy download Videos.
  • Recover deleted messages from Whatsapp.
  • Recover deleted Pictures and Videos from chat.
  • Built-in HD Video Player.

How to use

  • Open App and Watch the Status.
  • Select any desired Status.
  • Click the download button.
  • Your Statues videos & images are saved into an app and mobile gallery.

Download: Android

So, those are the list of best WhatsApp status saver apps for Android. As you see each app has its own unique advantages over others. Hope you find this list helpful. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at Vinron.in/suggestions. For more helpful guides you can click the links below.

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