17+ Amazing YouTube Tips and Tricks That you Should Know

Here is the list of useful YouTube Tips and Tricks that you should try
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We all know that YouTube is currently the most popular video streaming platform available. We spend a lot of time daily watching our favorite videos on YouTube. But how well do you know YouTube beyond watching and uploading videos? If you use YouTube every day, there are a lot of cool things you can do with it that you might not know about. In this post, I’ll share some amazing YouTube tips and tricks that you should definitely know.

Here is the List of YouTube Tips and Tricks that everyone should know:

Download Thumbnails of YouTube Videos

Sometimes you like or need thumbnails of some YouTube videos, but YouTube does not have a feature to download them; however, I will show you how to download the thumbnail of any YouTube video out there.

  1. First You need the ID of the YouTube video, you can find it in the rightmost part of the Youtube video’s URL,
    For example, if we take an URL of a youtube video, the characters after “v=” is the ID
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onVhbeY7nLM, Here onVhbeY7nLM is the ID.
  2. Copy that video ID
  3. Now replace the VideoID
  4. in this URL -> img.youtube.com/vi/VideoID/maxresdefault.jpg
  5. With the video ID, you have copied.
  6. Now paste the final URL into a browser and download the image.

Turn Off Auto-Playing Thumbnail Preview on YouTube

YouTube’s thumbnail preview auto-plays videos while scrolling. The feature lets you see the content in the video before opening it. However, not all users enjoy viewing dynamic videos while browsing the feed. If you are one of them here is how to turn off auto-playing on Youtube.

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone and tap the profile icon at the top-right corner. Now, select “Settings” 
  • Now Tap on “General” under settings and choose “Playback in feeds” to control YouTube’s home feed autoplay.
  • Now select turn “Off” playback in feeds,

Disable YouTube shorts

Image showing Youtube shorts logo
Image showing Youtube shorts logo

Youtube Shorts is a short-form video service that lets users create and upload a video of 15 seconds or less on YouTube. Youtube recently started rolling out these new shorts – Rival to Tiktok.

Shortly YouTube shorts become really popular and more and more people are consuming YouTube shorts but Not all people like these new Youtube shorts as they were super annoying to watch. We have a detailed guide on how to disable YouTube shorts permanently.

Remove ads from YouTube

A lot of time, the YouTube channel will have ads placed under the video. Sometimes though, those ads are at the beginning of the video or completely interrupt the video — which is usually an action that is intentional. If you don’t like seeing ads on YouTube you can easily disable them.

There are two ways to get rid of ads on YouTube. The first method is by getting a YouTube premium which costs 179/- per month that removes ads from YouTube Along with other benefits and the other is by installing third-party YouTube ads and with few other tricks. You can check our detailed guide on How to remove ads from YouTube to completely remove ads from YouTube.

Stop youtube recommendations

If you’ve ever used YouTube, then you know that the video recommendation system can seem a little out of control. Videos appear based on your viewing habits. They’re meant to ensure you’re watching videos that interest you — but sometimes they push the wrong buttons. If you are the one who hates the YouTube recommendation system then you can use our full Guide on How to stop Youtube recommendations.

Play YouTube Videos in the Background

Are you a regular YouTube user? Do you love watching your favorite videos while you’re working, cooking, or just hanging out? Here is how to play Youtube videos in the background.

See the transcripts of the videos

Every video that is uploaded to YouTube automatically gets a written transcript. With that transcript, it’s easy to find each part of the video without having to watch the whole thing. You can also use this to copy your favorite quotes from a YouTube video.

Open any video, click the options button (three dots) below the video, and then click Show Transcript. The transcript will show up on the right side of the video unless the person who made the video chooses to hide it.

Get the Lyrics of any song on Youtube

If you don’t understand the lyrics to a song you’re listening to on YouTube, you can use a cool Chrome extension to get the lyrics of any song on YouTube in real-time instead of opening a new tab and searching for them. Add the Chrome Extension Lyrics Here by Rob W in your browser and it will show you the lyrics of any song you will play on youtube as you can see in the below image.

Youtube Tips and Tricks

Watch VR Videos on Youtube

To watch any YouTube video with your VR Headset, open any video on YouTube, click on “Options,” then View in VR. Then, the video will be replicated into two parts so that you can insert a VR Headset on your phone and watch virtual reality videos.

Image showing youtube app vr option

Share a video starting at a certain point in its Duration

When I share a video, I often want someone to see a certain part of it, whether it’s to make them laugh or for any other reason. You can easily send someone a link to the exact moment you want them to see. To do this click on the share option of a youtube video and tick the mark shown below the video link and write the time in the format mm:ss and copy the link. When someone clicks on that link, that video will start playing at the time you said before.

Image showing youtube share option

Keyboard shortcuts for Youtube player on PC

If you’re someone who prefers to use shortcuts to get things done faster, you’ll love these YouTube shortcuts.

Space BarPlay or Pause the video
Right or Left ArrowsForward or Rewind the video
Up or Down ArrowsRaise or Lower the Volume
Home ButtonTake you to the Beginning of the Video
End ButtonTake you to the End of the Video
M ButtonMute the Video

Download Youtube videos to your phone or PC’s Storage

When you download a YouTube video, you can usually only watch it through the YouTube app. You can’t watch it anywhere else or you cannot edit or share it. If you truly want to download a youtube video into your phone’s storage, you have 2 ways, using a youtube downloader app or an online youtube downloader website like y2mate. In both ways you just need the URL of the youtube video, you just copy the URL and paste it into the respective app or site to download the video directly into your phone/PC’s storage. We have listed the best youtube downloader apps in this article, just go through this -> Best FREE YouTube Video Downloader Apps.

Customize your App and Experience Premium features for free

There are so many Youtube mods available that will provide you with a variety of premium features and UI modifications. You can watch videos without ads, customize your player, and use swipe control to volume and brightness, among other things.
These are the most popular youtube mods you can use:

Block Ads without using any mod app

If you’re worried about using modded apps, you can block ads on Youtube with a chrome extension on your phone or computer. However, instead of using an app, you must use a browser to watch YouTube.

To do this, go to the Chrome Web Store and download the Adblock Extension. That’s it; you’re done; you can now watch Youtube videos without being interrupted by advertisements.

Save videos to Watch Later

Sometimes you find interesting videos on YouTube but don’t have enough time to watch them, so you can save them to watch later and watch them whenever you have free time. To add any video to Watch Later, click on options and select Save to Watch later. To watch the videos on Watch Later, go to the left side menu on the desktop or the library section on mobile.

Image showing youtube video minato vs obito

Delete YouTube end cards

YouTube end cards appear at the end of the video which helps creators to increase engagement it helps for users but most of the time they block the content of the screen. This can be annoying sometimes. Fortunately, there is a way to disable them. We also have a detailed guide on how to remove YouTube end cards. You can click the link and view the full guide.

Bring back Youtube dislike count

Youtube recently removed the dislike count for videos on Youtube leaving room for hate comments. A lot of creators disliked this move from Youtube but Youtube went through the decision. If you are the one who wishes to have dislike count on Youtube videos fortunately there is a method. We have a detailed Guide on How to get Youtube dislikes back. You can click the link below for the full tutorial.

So, those are the list of best tips and tricks on YouTube. Hope you find them helpful. We update this post every time we discover a new trick that improves your experience. If you have any suggestions you can suggest us at vinron.in/suggestions. For more tips and tricks on other popular apps, you can click the links below.

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