10 Best Apps To Remove Image Backgrounds, No Photoshop Required

Have you ever wanted to remove the background of an image? This article will show you the 10 Best Apps To Remove Image Backgrounds that lets you easily remove backgrounds

Many people have to remove backgrounds in their photos for one reason or another. Whether you’re preparing for a presentation and need to remove the background from an image, or just want to edit your profile picture on social media, it can be hard to do without the right tools. Thankfully, there are a number of apps that make removing backgrounds easy. Here, are some of the best apps for removing images that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Best apps to remove image background

1. Remove.Bg

remove image background

Remove. Bg is a popular website that lets you remove the background of any image. This website is available for almost all platforms including android, iOS, and windows. You just need to visit the website and upload the image, remove the background and download the image.

Additionally, the app also lets you set custom backgrounds to any photos having people, Products, Animals, Cars, and Graphics. The user interface of this app is very clean and neat with no ads. The quality and accuracy of the photos are also really good.

If free to use but it is limited. With the free account, you will get one credit and you can use it for removing one background. There are also other plans you can pick based on your needs.

Visit Website

2. Adobe

Adobe is very popular for photos editing and video editing software. The company offers a free image background removal tool that is totally free to use. You can simply select your pictures, upload the image, remove the background and download your new image as a PNG file with a transparent background.

Additionally, the app also lets you use pre-built templates to edit your templates. The website is really simple and very easy to use. The images were also produced really with really good accuracy.

Another best important thing about the Adobe background removal tool is it’s totally free as of now. When I visited the app shows it is free for a limited time. You can visit the site and check the availability. If you are able to access the tool for free you can follow the steps to remove the background images for free.

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3. Slazzer.com

Remove Image Background
Remove Image Background

Slazzer is another popular photo background removal tool that is available for almost all platforms including android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and more. You will get two free credits for your sign. You can use these credits to remove the background from the photos.

Similar to other popular photo background removal tools the website lets you create transparent background instantly for the photos having humans, products, cars, Animals, Graphics, Real estate, and more. You can also add new background and edit the photos the way you want.

The website interface is clean and simple to use. The accuracy of the background removal tool is also really good and very similar to other popular websites.

As I said before the website is available for free with 2 free credits. If you want more you can use free tools or purchase a subscription.

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4. Removal.ai

Removal.ai is a new background remover website that lets you delete image backgrounds for free. Similar to other popular websites, Removal.ai lets you upload, remove background and add graphics to your images and download them.

The website interface and experience are really simple to use with modern design. The accuracy of the tool is also really good. The produced images are really good.

You will get a free credit if you sign up. For more, you need to sign up for the premium. The website lets you select a premium plan based on how many images you are willing to convert. Overall Removal.ai is also a really good option to remove the background of your photo.

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5. Background eraser

Background eraser
Background eraser

Until now we discussed websites. All the websites listed above are really good options to remove the background from your image. If you are looking for an app, a background eraser is the best option you can choose. Similar to websites the app lets you delete image background.

You can simply upload your photo and remove your background instantly. You can also use an in-built editing tool to increase the accuracy of removing background from the image.

The app is available on both android and iOS. The size of the app is about 4 M.B in size and is available totally for free on the app store. You can download it now and start using for free

Download: Android | iOS ( Alternative )

6. Photo room

Photo room is another popular background removal tool that is available for both Android and iOS. This is the best app if you are looking to add attractive Backgrounds to the image you upload.

You can remove the background and use pre-built templates from the app and add them to your photo’s background. You can select Backgrounds based on the type of photo you upload. For example: if you uploaded the product image, you remove the background and add a custom graphical background that is more attractive and makes your products more visible.

The size of the app is about 10 M.B and the app is available totally for free on Google Play Store and Apple all store.

Download: Android | iOS

So those are the list of best image background removal apps and websites. As you can see every app has its own unique advantages. You can also use popular photo editing apps that come with built-in background removal tools. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions you can us suggest on Twitter or at vinron.in/suggestions.

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